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How to Protect Your Home During a Move

Is it possible to avoid damage when you move? How can you protect your home during a move? Who are the best Oak Ridge TN movers to ensure your move goes well and your home is intact after the moving process? All those answers and more below!

First, let’s discuss ways to prevent damage and protect your home during a move:


Floors are most susceptible to damage during a move. If you are moving yourself or you have hired inexperienced Oak Ridge TN movers, you should take precautions to ensure that your flooring survives the moving process.


Carpeted floors are safe from dings and scuffs, but there are lots of things that get caught on carpets during a move. If you have lots of snags on your carpet, things tend to unravel quickly.Use carboard as a cover over your carpeted rooms to protect your home during a move.


Luckily, tile is one of the more resilient floor materials and it will survive a great deal of punishment during a move. However, take caution when placing heavy objects down during the move. You may easily crack or pivot the tile if you’re not careful.


Hardwood floors are magnets for scuffs and scratches. All it takes is an amateur mover to slide a couch across a wooden floor and it’s done for good.

Our experienced Oak Ridge TN movers suggest using cardboard or a plastic tarp, and to use furniture slides and dollies to protect your home’s floors during a move.


Most damage to walls during a move is superficial and can be fixed with a scrub or wash. Walls are damaged the most when moving heavy items like tables, chairs and couches. The trick is to wrap those items in a moving blanket to ensure that the item is safe and that it won’t damage the walls of your home while you or the Oak Ridge TN movers are carrying it.


The best way to avoid damage to counters is to keep them clear of heavy items. To prevent damage from placing heavy items on the counters, tape moving blankets or newspapers to the countertops before you begin to move.


Everyone in the neighborhood and anyone passing through will be able to see you are moving. This is the most opportunistic time for potential thieves to investigate items that you’re taking out or bringing into your home. The best way to protect your home during a move is to be organized, plan and be mindful of the activity around you. Don’t leave doors open and items laying around outside.

Also, be sure to remove any spare keys you may have left around the house or in the garden. Lock up everything and keep your home safe!

Moving Supplies

Nothing will keep your home safer from damage than hiring full service Oak Ridge TN movers. If hiring a moving service isn’t within your budget, then the next best thing is to use the tools they use.

Purchase moving blankets, moving dollies and hand trucks. Not only will you protect your home from moving damage, but you’ll also get a lot more moving done in a shorter period of time. All My Sons Moving & Storage has all the packing supplies to get you started. Give us a call: (865) 293-0068.