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How to Have the Perfect Yard Sale

You’re moving, and before you start packing it’s time to de-clutter. Our professional Knoxville movers suggest going through all of the belongings in your house, and decide what is and isn’t coming to the new place. You should separate your stuff into three categories: keep, sell, throw out. Any item that you no longer need that is still in good condition should be sold! If you gather up enough stuff, this is the perfect opportunity to have a yard sale.

Now that you’ve put a lot of time into gathering all of your stuff, you should price it and display it. And now that you’ve put even more time into this, you need to advertise your yard sale! You can advertise on Craigslist or in Facebook yard sale groups in your area. If you can, you should be creative with your advertising so that you can separate your yard sale from the rest of the yard sales happening that weekend.

If you have kids, you can let them help out with the signage for around the neighborhood. If they are really young, maybe have them decorate the signs rather than making them- you want your signs to be read from the street.

The day before your yard sale, go to the bank and get enough change. You want to have quarters, ones and fives. And a quick tip from your local Knoxville movers: don’t charge anyone less than $0.25 and you won’t have to bother with nickels and dimes.

On the day of your yard sale, you should organize all like items together. The more organized you are, the more likely people are to buy things. If you’re selling furniture, don’t use it to hold items for sale. You should also hang your clothes on rolling racks. If you don’t have a rolling rack, you can make your own by placing a broomstick or clotheslines between two stepladders.

Most of your traffic and money will come within the first two hours and early in the morning. Don’t slack when it comes to getting everything ready. Sometimes you get some early birds, and they usually are the best customers!

Knoxville movers suggest that another way for the kids to get involved is with a lemonade stand. They will have so much fun decorating and setting up for their mini “business venture.” This gives your shoppers more of an experience than just a typical yard sale. 

When customers actually start making their way to your sale, you should be pleasant and approachable. Let people shop in peace, and they will be more likely to buy stuff! You should have an obvious check-out table to make it easier for people to find you. Most people will try to haggle, and don’t be offended. Work with them, and you might be surprised at the outcome.

If you follow these tips and suggestions from the movers of the All My Sons Knoxville moving company, you will have the perfect yard sale. You will be making money, while also de-cluttering your house before you move. We’re pretty sure that’s a win-win.