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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

After carefully deciding to move to Knoxville and you’re finally ready to move out of your apartment or house, it’s time to get ready to relocate. While our Knoxville movers take care of all your relocation needs, you may be wondering how to get your security deposit back if you’re renting property. There are important steps you can take to ensure you’ll receive your security deposit, given that you didn’t cause any damage to the rental, of course. Hiring our Tennessee movers will free up time for you to double-check that everything is in order to receive your security deposit.

Rental Inspection Checklist

When you initially moved into the rental, your landlord or rental management company should’ve provided a rental inspection checklist for pre-existing damages. Go over the checklist to make sure you haven’t added any damages your landlord would need the security deposit to fix. The inspection checklist should also be signed and dated by your landlord upon completion.

Clean and Reassemble

Once our Tennessee movers have all your belongings boxed and ready to go with our Knoxville packing services, take the time to sweep and mop the floors of the rental. After you’ve finished cleaning the floors, move on to cleaning all surfaces and windows.

If needed, use toothpaste or ivory soap to fill small holes in the walls from nails or pins, then repaint the walls their original color. Double-check the cabinets for loose hinges that result from normal wear and tear. It’s easy to forget about cleaning out the refrigerator, so remember to deep clean the refrigerator along with the oven and dishwasher.

Take Pictures for Your Records

Once you’ve cleaned the rental and did a once-over, take photos of how clean you left every room and surface in the home before you move out with our Knoxville movers. You can send the photos via email, if you prefer, or save them for later if you need to prove the date and time they were taken. The photos will prove you left the rental spotless and in order just in case your landlord or anyone else causes any further damage after you leave.

Final Steps

After you’ve cleaned your rental, don’t forget to return the keys along with a forwarding address for your security deposit. It usually takes up to 30 days for landlords to send the security deposit, therefore, double-check with them after a month to know the status. If they haven’t sent it, ask for an explanation as well as how to get your security deposit back.

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