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How to Get the Best Deal on Movers in Brookfield, IL

Our Franklin Park movers are here to provide you with the inside scoop when it comes to moving. No one knows the industry better than our trusted movers and packers. Our team wants you to have the best moving experience possible, and that includes giving you our best tips and tricks. Many factors affect the price and quality of a move. With this guide, you will know what goes into a moving quote and how to save money on moving. Follow along to learn our tips for dealing with movers in Brookfield, IL.

Prepare for Your Move

Whether this is your first move or you are an experienced mover, a successful move starts with the preparation. When you plan ahead, you have time to shop around for moving quotes and research the moving companies in the area. Be sure to do your due diligence by checking reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations. Most importantly, make sure the moving company is licensed and insured. Visit Protect Your Move at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website for a list of registered movers in your area. Our Franklin Park residential movers say this is the best tip for how to save money on moving.

Book Your Move Early

Ensure your first choice movers and packers are available by scheduling your move at least two weeks in advance. Moving is stressful enough -- the last thing you need is to be left without professional helpers. Booking your move in advance is especially important when you are moving long-distance. If you are crossing state lines, licensed and insured movers are required to have an estimator provide an in-person estimate. Give yourself enough time to get moving quotes, set up an estimator appointment, and book your move.

Not only can you secure your ideal moving date, but booking in advance can affect the price of your move. Oftentimes, hourly rates are more expensive for last-minute moves. This premium is easily avoided with good preparation. When you know how to save money on moving, you will schedule your move at least two weeks prior to your moving date. Even if you do not know a specific date, you can secure the early bird price and reschedule if needed.

Shop Around For Moving Quotes

When you speak with moving companies, be sure to ask for an emailed copy of their moving quote. You can better compare prices and understand each mover’s rates. This can help you watch out for added moving costs. Most hourly rates are made up of labor, travel time, and fuel fees. While many movers offer packing services, their industry-grade packing supplies are generally not included in the price. Ask how they charge for professional packing, so you can decide to hire packers or take care of it yourself.

Now that you know how to save money on moving, All My Sons Moving & Storage is here to provide you with the best moving experience at an affordable price. Our Brookfield movers will walk you through our quoting and moving process, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We have helped families move to Franklin Park for more than 25 years, and can answer any questions you might have. Contact our Franklin Park local movers for more information and a free, no-obligation moving quote!