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Hiring Local Movers vs Using Friends

What’s the difference between hiring local Knoxville movers versus using your friends? This is a burning question when it comes to any local move. Which is the better option for you; it all depends on your circumstance, but it’s safe to say that hiring professional movers to take care of the job is a reliable and convenient option regardless.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Knoxville has been moving families and individuals to and from Knoxville for over 25 years. Since our experts know that you should always weigh your options before deciding to hire a mover, our Knoxville local movers have the pros and cons to both options.

Scheduling – Don’t deny it. If you’ve moved at any point you know that scheduling can be one of the biggest difficulties you face during the moving process. You have to get everyone on the same schedule, your time is already tight, but when you have to work with two, three, or even four of your friends’ schedules it can make it even more hectic.  And, even when you find three friends, if none of them have a truck you have to worry about that as well. What happens when one of your friendly crew members shows up late, or worse, not at all? If you feel your blood boiling right now, you are not alone. Dependability and resources is the main reason why people hire a Knoxville moving company, so if you are moving to Knoxville, check out a few local movers and see who can offer you the most help.

Moving Damages – When it comes to moving anything, be it a desk, television, or valuable glass ware, no one wants to see their valuables with a chip, scratch, or broken. Asking a friend to take your valuables across town and then walk them up a flight of stairs or from the street into your new place leaves a lot of room for something to go wrong. Professional Knoxville movers are trained, experienced, and equipped to move anything and everything, no matter how fragile.

Time – Moving is a time consuming process. Packing belongings, loading them into the multiple trucks and cars, driving them over to the new house, and finally offloading all the boxes into the new house or apartment. You probably had a long day at work and now you’re drabbing couches and bed spreads out into your friend’s waiting car. It might even take you an entire weekend just to get everything from one house to the other. Usually, movers can get it done in much less time because they have the experience, the dedicated crew, and they are aiming to give you good service.

Budget – Chances are the only benefit you can think of when choosing friends to help you move over hiring professional movers is the cost. But it is difficult to put a price on peace of mind. The ease of the move, the convenience of time, and the fact that you have professionals moving your most valuable belongings is that peace of mind.

There are some really great benefits to getting professional, local Knoxville movers to take care of your belongings. Keep your friends in mind when it comes to the house warming party, but if you have the option, always go for the pros when it comes to moving.