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Tips for Hiring a Professional Mover

When it comes time to hire a moving company to move your home belongings, it is important that you select the right moving company to ensure that your experience is pleasant. Here at the Knoxville movers, we want to share tips that will help you select the moving company that is right for you.

Perform research.  Ask family or friends if they used professional movers and how their experience went. Usually someone has personal stories about a move or knows someone who recently moved and can gather some intel for you.  Narrow down a few options, then take it to Better Business Bureau and find out who is carrying a solid reputation. Make sure the companies are legitimate and have business insurance.

Get some numbers. Contact several moving companies and find out what each company estimates for your move. Of course, remember that estimates are subject to change depending on varying circumstances. Get at least two or three estimates so you can come up with a ballpark figure of what a move will cost and an amount to prepare for.

Clarify what needs to be moved. Outline what needs to be moved by professionals and what you will take on your own.  Also, make sure you tell the moving company when you are scheduling of any heavy load items that need to be moved, such as a piano or a hot tub. Sometimes these items incur additional fees, and you want as much of the financial end cleared up as possible to minimize surprises.

Be insured! Homeowners and renters insurance won’t help once your stuff is out in the open and off of your property. Moving company liabilities aren’t an insurance policy for you either—to truly protect your belongings you need to purchase moving insurance. Cover broken or missing items and pick out a plan that makes sense for your stash of stuff and for your budget.

Read the contract. Once the moving company issues a contract, you need to read it before you sign it! Also, be sure you are given your own copy of the contract for your personal records. Payment information, company information and your personal information should all be included in the contract, or bill of lading, as the moving industry calls the document. Also, if you have questions about parts of the contract, ask for clarification or have a lawyer review it and explain what you are signing.

Consider seasonal pricing. If you have the flexibility to schedule your move sometime throughout the course of a year, consider the role that seasons have on moving. Typically, a move between the months of October and April is cheaper than spring/summertime moves. Additionally, moving during the week opposed to the weekends could save you some cash as well.

After the move, check all of your belongings and ensure everything was moved in the condition you left it.