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Hidden Costs That May Arise in a Knoxville Moving and Packing Service

If you are getting ready to make a big move to Knoxville, you want to become aware of as much information as possible when researching packing and moving companies that you wish to hire. Moving is not cheap, and just the cost of packing supplies and rental moving trucks adds up, which can cause stress in the household. If you are moving to Knoxville and are looking for the best moving company, make sure you become mindful that there are hidden fees to look out for during the entire process. While our Knoxville moving company works hard to provide the best service and treat every move as if we are moving our own family, there may be costs that people are not even aware exist, and we feel it’s our duty to shed some light on exactly what to expect.

Packing Supplies

You may not be aware that most moving companies in Knoxville include the cost of packing supplies within your quote. We suggest you always read the fine print before signing a contract to avoid moving scams and to become aware of this hidden charge. Make sure your contract lists every charge in detail, and look for a packing supplies charge to avoid this problem.

Long Carry Fees

This is another hidden fee that most people do not consider when hiring a moving company in Knoxville. You want to make sure your Knoxville moving company has enough space to drive the moving truck as close as possible to your residence. If this doesn’t occur, you may be charged extra for every 75 feet that the movers have to carry your items back to their truck.

Flight Charge

You must understand that if you live in a multiple story space and your mover needs to use stairs while moving your items, you will be charged for it. This is represented as a flight charge and the same goes for an elevator and added elevator fees. Again, this should all be clearly stated in your contract, which you should take an in-depth look at.

Moving Cancellation Fees

A lot of companies incur extra charges if the client decides to cancel and use another moving company within a certain time period. By becoming aware of this information at the beginning of the process, you will avoid lots of headaches. Cancellation fees can range from $50-$100 depending on how much notice you give your moving company. The fee can increase with extreme little notice.

Large Item Charge

If you are planning on moving very large or bulky items to your new home, you can expect additional charges to incur. These items include pianos, pool tables, or playground units. You’ll want to let your potential moving company know upfront about the kind of large items you have. This will avoid confusion in the long run about this charge. 

We hope this helps you understand the types of hidden fees that you may get after your move without your moving company verbally mentioning them to you in the beginning. You can try to avoid these charges by making the proper arrangements beforehand so you don’t fall in the trap. Let All My Sons Moving & Storage of Knoxville take care of your packing and moving needs, and we promise to be transparent throughout the process.