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Help Your Kids Make Friends After Moving to Knoxville

Depending on your child’s personality, the idea of moving to Knoxville will either be exciting or nerve-racking for them. For kids that aren’t too keen on the idea of moving, it’s usually because they have insecurities about going to a new school and having to make new friends. If you are planning on moving your children to a new city, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Knoxville has a few tips on how to help your kids make friends and ultimately getting them adjusted to their new surroundings.

Take your child to see their new school – Before their first day at their new school, take your child for a visit so they can familiarize themselves with the campus. If you can, arrange for your child to meet their new teacher and have your child get a feel for their new classroom. During your visit, ask your child’s teacher if they can arrange for a classmate to show your child around their new school and introduce them to other classmates. The sooner your child makes new friends, the easier moving to Knoxville will be on them.

Sign your child up for extra-curricular activities – After you have made the move to Knoxville, check out local youth organizations and get your child involved. Whether it’s at soccer practice, dance class or a youth group at your local church, your child will benefit from being surrounded by other kids that have similar interests. After-school activities will also keep your child busy, leaving less time for them to be at home thinking about all the friends they left behind.

Become friends with neighbors who have kids – After settling into your home after moving to Knoxville, take a look outside to see which houses have kids playing in the front yard. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to those homeowners and invite their families over for a play date. Hopefully your kids will hit it off and become quick friends.

Lead by example – Whether you realize it or not, your kids are always observing and taking social cues from you. Show them you too are putting effort into making new friends and host a housewarming party or volunteer at your child’s school PTA. They will see you enjoying time spent with new people and be more likely to try and do the same.

Encourage your child to stay in touch with old friends – Just because you’re moving to Knoxville doesn’t mean your child has to end their current friendships. Tell your child they can write and phone old friends after you move and invite those friends to come visit your child during winter or summer break.

Don’t ignore the signs – Not all children adjust well to moving. If you find that your child is not making new friends, seems unhappy or is becoming uninterested in school after moving to Knoxville, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Sometimes parents need to enlist the services of a guidance counselor or therapist to get their child the proper care they need to be happy again.