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Full-Service Knoxville Movers

Moving is the third most stressful situation that individuals will find themselves in during their lifetime, right behind the death of a loved one and divorce. When it comes to moving, you have many options to consider. If you are moving to Knoxville, local moving companies want you to be as knowledgeable as possible about the moving process so that it brings you less stress.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Knoxville is a leading moving company, and has the pros and cons to general moving services and full-service moving services, as well as the details into what full-service moving entails.

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, the average cost of an interstate move is $1,170, and the average cost for moving out of state is $5,630. These numbers come from the average weight and per pound price calculated by moved carried out within the span of a year. The average American tends to opt for general moving services, although the numbers take into consideration all types of moving services. So how much will a full-service move cost?

A full-service move will cost you depending on the amount of rooms you have in your home, which can help calculate roughly how much your belongings will weigh in total. The average figures are as follows:

2-bedroom house (5,200 lbs): 100 miles = $4,000, 500 miles = $4,800, 1000 miles = $5,600

3-bedroom house (7,800 lbs): 100 miles = $5,700, 500 miles = $6,800, 1000 miles = $8,100

4-bedroom house (10,400 lbs): 100 miles = $7,500, 500 miles = $8,900, 1000 miles = $10,500

5-bedroom house (13,000 lbs): 100 miles = $9,100, 500 miles = $10,100, 500 miles = $12,900

If you are moving over 1,000 miles, you will want to discuss further plans with your full-service Knoxville mover, since it may be international and they would need to coordinate the details for executing an international move.

If you are simply moving to Knoxville from another city in Tennessee, you may not need the help of full-service Knoxville movers, unless your home is large and you have a lot of heavy or fragile items. Regardless of how small or large your move may be, it is important to keep in mind that there are numerous aspects that go into your final moving costs, and every move is different.

What Can You Expect from a Full-Service Knoxville Mover?

A full-service move is one where the moving company handles every aspect of your move. Full-service movers will disassemble, wrap, pack, load, transport, unload, and reassemble all of your belongings, as well as unpack everything for you. Essentially, a full-service Knoxville mover is there to make your moving process as simple as it can possibly be, without you ever having to lift a single box.

Since full-service moving is the more expensive moving option, deciding whether or not you should hire a full-service mover is going to depend on your budget.

Full-service moving is recommended for those without a moving budget, those who are moving to or from Knoxville and on time constraints, and those who simply want to ensure that their most prized possessions are packaged and transported in the safest way possible.

Full-service moving can also take the stress off of you and your family, so if you are moving to Knoxville and are looking for a full-service mover, call All My Sons.