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What are The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville for Families?

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Knoxville is the home to some of the best areas for families in the entire state of Tennessee, so if you’re moving to this area with your family, you are in luck. This list of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville for families was made by expert Knoxville movers who know the ins and outs of the city more than anybody. 

Take a peek at the Knoxville TN neighborhoods that your family will love with the help of the All My Sons Moving & Storage Knoxville movers!

Bona Vista Estates

Bona Vista is home to some of the best Knoxville TN things to do with family members, the public schools in this area are among the best in the state. These schools allow for your children to become friends and participate in things to do in Knoxville with other kids.

The opportunities for your children to participate in fun things to do with kids in Knoxville make this one of the main Knoxville attractions for families as far as neighborhoods go.

Fox Fire

This area can count itself among the best neighborhoods for families because it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Knoxville. The highly educated population of this area means that you’ll never be starved for mentally stimulating conversations with your neighbors and great new friends from various different fields and backgrounds!

Our Knoxville movers are huge fans of this neighborhood, the people are friendly, and the houses are beautiful!

Shady Grove

Our top pick for best neighborhoods in Knoxville for families is not just our pick, it is a neighborhood so highly regarded that it was ranked among the top 2% of best Tennessee neighborhoods for families. The beauty, friendliness, and charm of this neighborhood speak for itself and solidify it as the king of Knoxville TN neighborhoods for families.

If you are looking for a fantastic place to raise your children and spend your free time, count this as the top option among the best neighborhoods in Knoxville for families.

The Movers Knoxville TN Trusts

When moving to Tennessee with your family, be sure to use the moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage! We are the premier movers in Knoxville and are just waiting for the opportunity to help relocate your family! Get an online quote today or reach out to us at 865-675-2159 to learn more about our amazing moving services.

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