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Completing a Corporate Move to Knoxville

Moving your office is a mammoth task for any organization, no matter which industry and no matter how large or small. Reality is that a lot of companies do not know how to go about completing a corporate move and how to make the necessary preparations in order to do so with ease and accuracy. The larger your company, the more difficult the task of moving it becomes.

When completing a corporate move to Knoxville, your major factors should be cost and efficiency. The amount of planning and preparation that your company’s management team, in coordination with efforts of your Knoxville corporate movers, is what will determine whether you have a successful corporate move or not.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Knoxville has been completing major and small corporate moves for over 20 years. During that time, our professional moving staff has worked diligently at perfecting the craft of moving corporate offices and businesses. In order to make moving your office to Knoxville an easy task, our Knoxville movers have drafted up a basic list for completing a corporate move.

-         -  Make sure that your current building is aware of your relocation plans

-         -  Make sure that you have signed documentation for the office space at the new location

-          -  Advise staff of the date and location of the move, address their concerns and/or their relocation needs. Make them aware of their tasks in the moving process, if any.

-        -  Interview and hire a reputable Knoxville corporate mover

-          - Complete change of address forms, update business location information online, on business cards, documentation formats, and have all utilities turned on at new location.

-          - If necessary, reserve elevators and loading docks at new office location, as well as current for moving out process.

-          - Make sure that your professional Knoxville moving company arrives on time and enlist in their full-service option of disassembling and packing all office equipment and furniture.

-         -  If your business has suppliers, a corporate move cannot be completed without letting them know about the relocation process that will be underway. Make sure that they update your company’s information in their systems so that nothing is dispatched to your old location.

-         -  Mail out moving notices to banks and financial institutions, accounts receivable agencies, and company lines of credit. All financial aspects should be made aware of your office move.

Some additional items that the professional office movers at All My Sons recommend when completing a corporate move to Knoxville are:

-          - Emailing and/or mailing each client a formal address update

-          - Requesting to be listed in the lobby directory, if the new location has one

-         -  Coordinating with public relations to get a press release out about your corporate move

-          - Hosting an office-warming party for clients, suppliers, employees, and anyone else notable to your company, to allow them to see the new facility.