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4 Aspects to Comparing Moving Company Estimates

If you are moving to Knoxville and have been researching moving companies, All My Sons Moving & Storage has 4 essential moving terms to keep in mind when comparing moving companies.

Non-Binding versus Binding:  
When searching for the best moving company for your move, keep in mind that not only do the moving companies’ prices differ, but the way that they calculate these costs differs as well. Make sure that you know the difference between non-binding and binding costs. Some moving companies may quote you a price based off of a pre-estimated weight; this is a non-binding estimate. You should try to stay away from a non-binding estimate because the price will most likely be above what is initially quoted. If a moving company bases their rate on a binding estimate, you can feel much better knowing that the price quoted will not change. If a moving company offers you a “Not-to-exceed” quote, this means that you will not pay more than what they are quoting, but you could pay less once they see how much all of your belongings weigh and how far you will be traveling.  A “Not-to-exceed” estimate is the most common estimate that you will come across when researching different moving companies; which is typically a good thing because they will quote you the absolute highest price, leaving no surprises.

Once you have a couple moving companies in mind, call each one and ask what their price per pound/kilo is. Once you know what their price per pound/kilo is, you can calculate a rough estimate on how much your move will cost for the weight of your belongings. However, your estimate will differ from that of the moving company’s because they most likely will have additional charges, such as fuel and packaging costs. Because price per pound/kilo is, on average, around $0.53, you will want to make sure that you utilize your move efficiently by getting rid of any unnecessary items. Consider the price of each item versus the price that it will cost to move it, in order to determine whether you should keep it or if it would actually be cheaper to buy a new one.

How far you are moving is what is going to have the greatest impact on your moving cost. You want to make sure that you ask the moving companies that you are choosing from, how much they charge per mile or kilometer. These are known as linehaul charges and they are charged on top of your weight costs. Use Google Maps to determine how far your new home is from your current home, so that you can get an idea how much the linehaul charge might be.

Additional fees:
You will not have to worry about additional fees if you do not have any special items that may require special handling or shipping, such as with a piano or other large, awkward items. If you currently live in a condo, on the 20th floor, you may want to let your moving company know that ahead of time. Some moving companies will charge flight charges or long carry charges if you live in a building that is so many floors up, it makes the moving process longer and often times more difficult.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Knoxville can help make your move easy and stress-free, while quoting you a price that you can count on.