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Choosing a Statement Rug for Your Knoxville Home

A rug is an important decorative piece that can serve as the glue that holds a room’s decor together. Selecting the right rug is an important task, because each family or individual will have different needs when examining sizes, pile, material, and so forth. The Knoxville movers are here to help making a rug choice simple so that you can start perusing what is right for you and your home. We’ve got a simple four-step guide to help you select a rug and maintain it for years to come.

Step 1: Figure out the right size. The ideal size of a rug is a large one that leaves about 2-3 feet on every side of the rug of bare floor surface. Aesthetically, you also want all of the furniture to sit positioned on the rug to enhance the cohesive element.  If it is a dining room rug, make sure the chairs to the table are still on the rug when they are pulled out. If not, the rug is too small.

Step 2: Remember to practice non-slip. Buying a pad to go under the rug is an important part of keeping the rug in one place. Considering rugs are cloth, they are prone to sliding on slick surfaces. Putting a rubber rug mat under there will keep it one place. Also, it will protect the rug by minimizing friction, and it will allow air to collect under the rug which will come in handy when you are vacuuming the rug.

Step 3: Bring along paint samples and photos of your existing setup to ensure the rug will match. If you’re playing with shades of a color family, you have more freedom to mix and match different hues, but if you are looking to ensure the maroon in the wall matched the maroon in the rug, you want to be prepared with samples and pictures. Most likely your memory will not remember the exact pigmentation of any color!

Step 4: Clean them! Like anything else in your home, a rug needs to be cleaned. It can be said that cleaning a rug is actually more important, because it is victim to shoes, bare feet, spills, and other debris that can dullen the rug and make it look old before its time. Proper maintenance is key to a continuously fresh looking rug.

Step 5: Consider where the rug will be placed, your environment, if you have pets or kids, and what will be easiest for you to maintain. Just because you love a black rug in someone else’s home doesn’t mean it will sit well in your home with a white cat that is prone to shedding.