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Choosing a Bedroom Color

Your bedroom is a place where you likely seek solace and peace, so when it comes to picking a color for the walls you need to really consider what works best for you and what will have a positive impact on your mood. The color scheme will also go far beyond the walls and into the bedding, artwork, and other room accents. The Knoxville movers want to take you through the process of selecting a color to being your bedroom décor.

What is your favorite color? Sometimes the ideal color for your room is a shade of your favorite color. But what if your favorite color is dramatically dark? Say you like black? Incorporate shades of gray. Navy blue? Cornflower blue is an easy fit. Once you pick a base shade, you can use the darker shades for accents. You can even incorporate prints that pull all the shades together, maybe with an extra color added to the mix.

What is your style? Do you gravitate towards modern design? A color scheme of black, white and grays would be an easy and related color palette. Like a warm, country style theme instead? Pastels and quilts may speak to you. You can also take a Zen like approach and incorporate reds, greens, and blacks of an Asian palette and complement the bold colors with bamboo plants and geisha artwork. Really, the door is wide open and you can use your imagination—it is YOUR room, after all!

Neutrals. Sometimes the thought of committing to a color is too much to handle. If that’s the case for you, then we recommend that you stick to a neutral color and build out your personality through accents and fabrics. Neutrals, like all colors, also come in shades that you can build on top of each other.

Using color to enhance sleep. Calming colors like faded blues, greens and pastels can be calming and sleep-inducing for your brain, as opposed to, say, yellow or red. Think of colors used in a spa—as well as the stones, chamomile and lavender fragrance, and things of that nature to create a sleep friendly space.  In addition to color choices, great sleep also comes from a fabulous mattress and keeping clutter at bay.