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Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville

Neighborhoods as refreshing as a glass of Tennessee sweet tea.

Dolly Parton’s Dollywood doesn’t have anything on these Knoxville neighborhoods. Whether you’re a truck-driving, country-listening, sweet tea-sipping Knoxvillian, or you drive a Prius to your favorite indie artists and prefer your beverages caffeinated, Knoxville has ideal neighborhoods for you.

Before your move to Knoxville, consider relocating to one of these neighborhoods in Knoxville from your Tennessee movers; they are among the best places to live in the whole state.


North Hills

Ideal Residents: middle-class families, established families, garden-enthusiasts

Picture this: expanses of sprawling gardens blooming amidst numberless types of architecturally-bold homes. This is one reason why North Hill is one the best and most popular neighborhoods in Knoxville. Middle-class families have been drawn to the option of a custom-built home, in which they can determine the structure and layout to fit the needs of their family. For this reason, cost of living varies from house to house, since there are many custom options to choose from.

Additionally, North Hills has seen a lot of progression lately. Usually home to long-time Tennessee citizens, it now draws varieties of people to its garden-filled grounds. If you’re an amateur gardener or a full-time botanist, or if you just have a family who wants a unique home, North Hills is a great place to live in Knoxville.



Ideal Residents: singles, professionals, career-crazies

Quaint and historic homes cover the area of Oakwood, another one the most beautiful neighborhoods in Knoxville. The location of this area is especially beneficial to those who are working downtown; the commute into the city is a mere few minutes. You can reap all the benefits of working in the city without the headache of actually living there.

Not to mention, the cost of living is relatively low here, too, providing neighbors with a diverse environment of home-owners. Before your move to Knoxville, consider Oakwood for its friendly clientele and for its proximity to the hub of Knoxville’s working professionals.


Island Home

Ideal Residents: young professionals, members of academia, tree-huggers

It may not look like your typical dream island, but Island Home is definitely a postcard-perfect neighborhood to live in Knoxville. Founded in 1899, you can imagine the history of the cozy, bungalow-style homes. If you want a blast to the past or think you were born in the wrong era, Island Home is one of the best neighborhoods in Knoxville for you. Its interesting ambience continues to draw eclectic neighbors such as university professors and young professionals.

Additionally, nature-lovers will treasure this Tennessee hideaway. Island Home houses the Ijams Nature Center where residents can enjoy a day of hiking, photographing wildlife, and basking in the beauty of South Knoxville.


Don’t let Knoxville stereotypes hold you back from finding your niche in this diverse city. Your Tennessee movers want you to find your tribe before your move to Knoxville. Swap that sweet tea for a chai tea if you have to, and come live in Knoxville!