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The Best Bars in Knoxville

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Like so many different things about our city, bars in Knoxville, TN are unique and incredible in many ways. Some go for a more laid-back and comfortable approach, whereas some go out and reinvent the way we see bars and bar culture in general. Our expert Knoxville movers have crafted this guide to the best bars in Knoxville in hopes that thirsty residents know where to get the best drinks, and in some cases drinks and food, there is in town. We love watching our city grow with new faces and love seeing people enjoy the city they call home; this guide is to help facilitate an enjoyable experience in our lovely city. 

Five Thirty Lounge

If you’re in the mood for a taste of luxury to go along with your Knoxville nightlife scene, then there are a very few Knoxville bars that can hold a candle to the Five Thirty Lounge. Being one of many downtown Knoxville bars means that this establishment needed to be creative in its service and experience. Because of this, it offers a rooftop view of gorgeous downtown while presenting an atmosphere that is as-is draped in a mixture of comfort and class that is hard to replicate or even describe. 

Dockside Grill 

West Knoxville bars may not have the ability to bolster their prime location and breathtaking views in the same way that their downtown counterparts can, but do not think for a second, you’re going to feel bad about heading out to one. The Dockside Grille offers amazing food and drinks that pair perfectly with its laidback and welcoming atmosphere. Stop by here if you’re in the mood for good times with great people. The best bars in Knoxville are sometimes the friendliest. 

Peter Kern Library

This spot is the king of unique and cool bars in Knoxville, TN. You’ll feel as though you’ve plucked out of your own time and dropped into a world of beauty and mystery. This unique speakeasy-style lounge bar easily earns its spot among the best bars in Knoxville. There is simply no other place like it in the entire area and we challenge you to find one that can match the mix of charm and awe Peter Kerns Library gives anywhere in the world. 

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