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Why Move to Franklin Park

Why move to Franklin Park? Good question! Our Chicago movers have got you covered as to why you should come and live here in this suburb in Chicago.

Franklin Park is in Cook County, and has a population of 18,410, with a median age of 39. Families and working-class citizens reside in this suburb, and it’s a great place to start raising a family. The town is filled with shopping centers, local schools, and is based close to the O’Hare Airport. That’s a bonus on travel deals when you don’t have to go far to get to your next destination!

Upon moving to Franklin Park, you will soon notice the clean swept streets and children playing out in the yard. Housing is affordable, with median home value priced at $170,400. Franklin Park is filled with many schools with excellent education. If you have a child with special needs or disabilities, then a move to Franklin Park is the right decision for you and your child. Our Chicago movers want to let parents know that there is a wonderful school here dedicated to disable children.

Franklin Park also has notable, reliable transportation systems. Scattered throughout the suburb is three Metra stations, which can take you to different parts of Illinois. If trains aren’t your thing, did you know that Franklin Park is the most walkable city? They don’t call it “Moving Franklin Park” for no reason! Some advice from our Chicago movers is to strap on your best walking shoes and get to exploring the town! It’s the best way to see and learn routes when you are new.

Worried about events? Franklin Park host several seasonal events including the Halloween Garden Fest, Booktober Fest, and the Winter Wonderland Craft and Vendor Fair. The great part about moving to Franklin Park is also getting the chance to experience St. Patrick’s Day in the Windy City. People come from all over the world just to see the river that gets dyed green. Your friends and family will be green with envy knowing that you’re right in the state that attracts millions of tourists a year.

When you think of Chicago, you automatically start to think of deep-dish pizza – but in Franklin Park, Grand Stand Pizza was voted the best thin crust. So, if deep dish isn’t your thing, Franklin Park offers residents another reason why you should move to this city.

Taking a chance on something new is scary and change is uncomfortable, but at All My Sons, we welcome you with open arms and open moving trucks. Our Chicago movers are here when you are ready, so call us to help you move to Franklin Park.