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How Franklin Park Movers Pack Moving Trucks

The Franklin Park movers at All My Sons have been in the business for many years, which means they have the best experience in packing moving trucks. Here’s what’s included when you enlist professional packing services in Franklin Park.

The movers will prep the moving truck by placing a blanket pad or plastic wrap on the floor to protect your belongings against dust and dirt. The truck will then be loaded from the front to the back. When all your boxes are packed and ready to be loaded into the truck, the movers will ensure that all of the weight is evenly distributed throughout the truck.

The most efficient way to pack the truck is in layers, so the Franklin Park movers will start with boxes. The first layer of boxes should be stacked high against the back wall. Your local Franklin Park movers will stack the boxes vertically with the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the lightest and most fragile on top. Each layer will be tied off and strapped to the truck for the safest trip possible.

After all your boxes have been loaded, the professional packers will start the next layer. This layer is your furniture. All furniture will have blanket pads or plastic wrap draped over exposed surfaces. Your couches will be loaded in the truck vertically and strapped to the side walls. This helps to evenly distribute the weight over the entire truck. Franklin Park movers will also pack your mattresses, box spring, headboards and footboards in between the couches. Wrapped mirrors and pictures will be loaded in this layer in between the mattresses for extra protection. If there is any open space, the movers will use fillers such as pillows, rolled up rugs, bags of linens, etc. to fill that space. The movers do this to make sure that your belongings are not moving around when the truck is in motion.

The next layer that the Franklin Park movers will create is the appliance layer. Appliances are heavy and create an even platform for your belongings to go on top of. These will also be spread out towards the side walls of the trucks for an even weight distribution. Wardrobe boxes and fragile items will be secured on top of these appliances, because they will be the first items out of the truck.

As each layer gets added into the truck, the movers secure the layer with packing straps and plastic wrap or blanket padding. By doing this, the movers will be able to maximize the protection of your belongings.

All My Sons Franklin Park has been in the business of moving and packing for four generations, so you can trust their packing services in Franklin Park to transport your items safely from point A to point B.