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Best Apps to Use When Moving

Back in the earlier days, relocating to a new community was filled with tough tasks. Now, we are fortunate enough to move with easy with the assistance of applications on our mobile devices. Searching for a new home, packing up your belongings and selling your unwanted items and is simpler than ever before with the updated technology. Our professional Franklin Park movers share the best apps to use when moving.

Finding the Perfect Home

The first step in your moving process is to find the perfect home. Finding available real estate used to be incredibly tedious. However, with the available technology, you can find the perfect home in the palm of your hand. Several new moving apps allow you to search for your new home, but Zillow is one of the best apps to use when moving. According to our long-distance Franklin Park movers, once you download the app you can explore thousands of diverse homes listed to purchase or rent around Franklin Park and the entire country. You can explore neighborhood information like local restaurants, grocery stores, and school districts all through this amazing application. Zillow also provides a budget calculator to assist you if you’re stuck figuring out budgeting for mortgages and rent. Download Zillow today to learn more about why this is one of the best apps to use when moving.

Packing Up Your Home and Relocating

Now that you’ve found your perfect home via Zillow, it’s time to pack up your home and relocate to or from Franklin Park. According to our residential Franklin Park movers, Sortly and Magic Plan are the two best apps to use when moving when it comes to packing and relocating.

Sortly is an innovative application that aids in the dreadful process of packing up your belongings. Through the use of Sortly, you can keep track of everything you pack to ensure it arrives to or departs from Franklin Park safely. You can take a picture of each item, write which room it belongs to, and insert any additional notes that will help throughout the process. This useful app for packing up your home is free for tracking 100 pieces, and then their premium plan for unlimited space costs a low price of $4.

Magic Plan is an incredibly unique app that’s perfect for designing your new home after relocating. Creating the placement of your furniture and accessories before you move in is very tough. Magic Plan makes room planning easier than ever before! You can use augmented reality to create floor plans by walking around your new home with your smart devices. The app also provides 3D models, virtual tours, and a cost estimator to help in your designing process. It’s no wonder Magic Plan is one of the best apps to use when moving.

Selling Your Unwanted Household Belongings

Now that your moving date is creeping up, it’s the perfect time to declutter your household belongings and sell any unwanted items. According to our local Franklin Park movers, Letgo is one of the best apps to use when moving. Letgo is essentially an online marketplace to buy and sell items locally. This helpful app host millions of listings from vintage clothing, used toys, and even cars! If you see an item that you are interested in purchasing, or if someone is curious about your listings, there is a chat feature that is safe and simple. If you are ready to get rid of your old clothes, shoes, and other household items, then you should check out Letgo, which is proven to be one of the best apps for moving.

Our professional movers of Franklin Park wish you the best in your moving process. If you need any further assistance, feel free to call us today and we will gladly help.