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Schaumburg At A Glance

All My Sons Shows You the Beauty of Schaumburg, Illinois

Schaumburg, like so many other areas, began as a farming community. The earliest settlers are believed to be German and that is where Schaumburg got its name. The Schaumburg Township was originally called “Sarah’s Grove” but in 1850 a prominent German landowner declared the town to be called Schaumburg. The name is derived from the part of Germany where most of the Township’s residents originated. More and more people began to move to Schaumburg and so the Township flourished. 
Schaumburg was first incorporated in March of 1956. When it was first incorporated it consisted of only about 130 residents but has grown to over 75,000 residents! Schaumburg has been an ideal place to live from the beginning because of its heritage. That is why All My Sons Moving & Storage moves so many people there every year. Incorporation helped Schaumburg control its growth and development. One thing that changed the character of the community dramatically was Schaumburg’s expansion, making it no longer a quiet rural community. 
During the early 1980’s, Schaumburg’s development focused on large corporate office buildings, because of this, Schaumburg experienced great commercial, office, and industrial development. One of the main turning points for Schaumburg was the completion of the Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center. The hotel/convention center was responsible for propelling Schaumburg into a new realm of commerce and tourism. Moving to Schaumburg is a great idea for anyone looking for a fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful new home!