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3 Affordable Ways to Relocate

We all know your move to Chicago can come with a hefty price tag, but changing your address doesn’t have to mean draining your bank account. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Chicago, we are an Illinois moving company that understands you want an affordable move. Here are tips for making your move more affordable. 


Create Your Moving Budget

Create a moving budget. The best way to ensure you save money when moving is to create a budget and stick to it. Do your research on Illinois moving company costs and all of the other costs that come with a move. While renting a truck and doing everything yourself may seem like the cheapest way to move, do not automatically make this assumption. A full-service Chicago moving company or Chicago corporate movers could be running a special promotion or have reduced prices because of a slow month, especially if you move during the week.


Finding Moving Supplies

While we certainly recommend using professional moving materials, your move on a budget may require getting creative with how you find those supplies. It is possible to find good quality boxes for free, but it will take more of your time to do so. If you have a lot of time before your move, start saving those amazon boxes. You could even ask friends and family to start doing the same for you. Visit grocery stores, liquor stores, libraries, etc. They may have empty boxes they no longer need.  The key here is to make sure the boxes are in good shape. Boxes that are torn or flimsy may lead to disaster during the move.

The cheapest way to move would be to ditch the boxes as much as you can. Invest in those plastic storage bins instead of boxes you will just dispose of later. Fill empty luggage, trashcans, laundry baskets, and anything you can use instead of buying boxes. This technique will also save you space. You run the risk of some items getting damaged, so you will have to be more conscious of your fragile items. Save those for your best boxes.


Downsize Your Stuff

Only pack what you need or will use, especially if you are downsizing. There is no sense lugging around that foot massager you used once or the clothes you forgot you even owned hanging in the back of your closet. Consider it a good time for some spring cleaning (even if it’s the middle of winter). Eliminating what you do not need will not only save you space but also money. If you clear out enough, you will be able to get a smaller moving truck.

Do not just throw everything away either. If it is in good condition, you could consider having a yard sale or even easier, sell the item(s) online. Depending on what you sell, you could end up making a good bit of money back. Just plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time for your items to be sold.


The cheapest way to move is to get a little crafty. Just remember not to sacrifice too much in your quest to save money. The extra car trips, loads of laundry, and time you spend trying to save money could end up costing you more in the long run.  All My Sons Moving & Storage Chicago are Illinois movers that will work with you for an affordable move.