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Purchase Moving Supplies? Or Think Outside the Box?

Household Items that Double as Packing Supplies

Considering that every box packed for your move is subject to motion during your transition, protection for items within your moving boxes should be provided to avoid potential accidents during your move. Materials such as bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts are often put to good use for packages shipped with delicate contents inside. As your boxes will also be shipped onboard your Greenville local movers’ truck, the same safety precautions for your boxed household goods should be taken. 

Packaging material to protect your boxed items from inside the box is very ideal for anybody who is moving. However, the cost of this type of protective packing material can really add up, and the last thing anybody needs during their move is additional expenditures. Rather than shelling out more of your hard-earned money on bubble wrap or packing peanuts, consider the use of household items you already have instead! There are several items around the house that function well in protecting boxed items, and putting these items to good use will save you time and money during your move!

Newspaper is a common free material used to fill empty nooks and crannies, saving up newspapers during the time leading up to your move is smart. Towels and bed sheets also provide soft support from within the box. Any clothing is ideal for protective packaging material and by using your clothes to provide in-box cushioning for your packed items, you save money on wardrobe boxes. With fewer boxes to move you also save time! 

If you would rather not wrinkle clothing, there are other items around the house that can serve as protection for your packed household goods. Pantry items such as bagged pasta and rice also provide adequate protection, and you can even use sealable sandwich bags filled with air to make your own bubble-wrap-style cushioning. 

When it comes to protective packaging material, think outside the box –no pun intended!