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Surviving A Winter Move

Reading by the fire, wearing comfy pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall. While winter can have plenty of positives, it also comes with many negatives, especially if you are planning a winter move. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Greensboro, we are North Carolina movers who understand that moving in the snow can be anything but easy. Our Greensboro full-service movers provide some helpful tips to make your winter move from Greensboro a little bit easier.

Moving in The Snow

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting a winter move is the unpredictable North Carolina weather. If snow is in your forecast for your move from Greensboro, follow these guidelines to help keep you and your family safe during your winter move.  

Every North Carolina moving company will tell you that you should have a backup plan in case Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade (or snow on your move). Stay in contact with your movers in Greensboro in case you need to change your plans. Moving in the snow is one thing, but moving in a blizzard is a completely different story.

Before your movers in Greensboro arrive, make sure you shovel and salt the areas around your home. This includes an area for the truck to park and a clear, sufficiently large path to and from your front door.

When snow is falling during your move, you and your stuff are bound to get wet. Take the appropriate precautions to keep everything dry, such as wrapping items in protective covers or having towels readily available for wiping items off. You will also want to cover the area by your front door to not only keep your floors from getting too wet but also keep everyone safe from slipping. You may want to consider having people dedicated to being outside or inside and create an assembly line between the two parties.

Don’t forget about taking care of yourself. Wear appropriate clothing including good gloves and waterproof boots. You will want to have spare gloves and socks when they inevitably get wet. Avoid puffy coats that hamper your ability to carry anything but do wear clothing that will help keep you warm. Also, do not forget to take breaks to both warm up and rehydrate.

There is nothing worse in the winter than trying to drive in the snow. Instead of risking an encounter with black ice, especially if your vehicle is not meant for winter driving, hiring Greensboro auto movers may be a smart alternative.

If you are planning a winter move, hiring Greensboro full-service movers could be a lifesaver. Often the winter can be the off-season for North Carolina moving companies, so you may be able to get a better deal. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Greensboro, our North Carolina movers have experience moving in the winter and should be able to do so safely and efficiently.