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Moving to Greensboro with Pets

Relocating to a new home is considered the third most stressful event after the death of a loved one and divorce. [1] This is no surprise what with the disruptions to your routine as you are getting ready to move to Greensboro with various relocation tasks like contacting our North Carolina movers, updating your address with various places of importance, and scheduling installation of a new home security system. While you probably feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off, your furry friend may be experiencing some stress themselves. Since pets are attuned to how people feel and due to the sudden change in the environment, our Greensboro movers explain how moving to Greensboro with pets can be stress-free both you and your pet.


Preparing for the Move to Greensboro

Get a head start on moving to Greensboro with pets by giving the veterinarian a visit first. Schedule your pet’s last-minute check-up and make sure to re-up on any prescriptions to last your furry friend well after the move. Also, don’t forget to check with the vet on rabies tag state regulations [2] if you’re moving long-distance with pets.


After the vet’s visit, go home to prepare an overnight bag for your four-legged friend. The kit should include items such as grooming tools, food, treats, cat litter, pooper scooper, and toys to help your pet stay calm throughout the move.


Moving with Pets Across the Country

Now that moving day’s here, it’s time to pay careful attention to your pet’s behavior and be mindful of any red flags. Before our Greensboro long-distance movers arrive, check your pet into an animal daycare or the vet to keep them away from the chaos. As our North Carolina movers securely box your belongings as part of our Greensboro packing services, contact several hotels along the route to confirm they’re animal-friendly. Your cat or dog could really use a break from the vehicle’s closed-in cabin so they can expend some of that pent up energy or sleep a little more comfortable during the move.


For small animals, you can keep them safe in a kennel in the vehicle. In the days leading up to your move to Greensboro, train your pet to get used to the kennel by having them sleep in it every now and then while rewarding them with treats afterward.


Home Sweet Home

Sure, you’re ready to release a sigh of relief once you’ve successfully moved into the new home, but you still need to accommodate for your pet. While our Greensboro movers are helping you settle in, designate an area in the home for your furry friend to keep them away from the chaos and to familiarize themselves with the lay of the land.


As soon as you get the chance, take your dog out for a walk to help them get to know their new surroundings. Let them sniff around and play at the local dog park so they can get used to their new environment.


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