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Fun Holiday Games to Play with Friends and Family

Bring life to the party this season with some fun games to play with family during the holidays. We asked our local Greensboro moving company to round up their favorite fun holiday games to play with friends and family. Are you looking for a game to play at your annual Christmas party? Or perhaps something to play during your small family dinner? We have created a guide with our local movers and packers favorite holiday games that are sure to bring smiles of joy to everyone’s faces.

Throw in some prizes and gifts to bring out some extra holiday cheer. Have something small ready for everyone who participated so that no one is going home empty-handed.

Santa Limbo

To play this fun holiday game with friends and family, have your guests take turns putting a “Santa belly” under their shirt, using a pillow. Have your guests try to go under the limbo stick, slightly lowering the stick each time everyone has had a turn. Continue lowering the stick until one winner remains and is declared the Santa Limbo champion.

Blindfold Christmas Drawing

Our Latham Park movers love this fun holiday game to play with friends and family. It is so simple to recreate; just grab some paper plates, markers, and a blindfold. The players are blindfolded and hold a paper plate to the top of their heads. Using a marker, the blindfolded player must recreate the drawing instructions as best they can. Whoever can recreate the Christmas scene best wins the round!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Another fun family game to play on holidays is Pin the Nose on Rudolph. Print a photo of the famous reindeer and place it on a wall. Find a red circle piece of paper for his nose. Using a thumbtack or tape, have your family and friends take turns trying to pin the nose on Rudolph while blindfolded. Our Chapel Hill movers enjoy writing their guests’ names on “Rudolph’s nose” to mark their attempt for some extra laughs.

Gift Wrap-Up Challenge

Our all-time favorite holiday game to play this season is the Gift Wrap-Up Challenge. This one may be a little more challenging for kids to be involved in, but is a great adult Christmas game to play when the kids have gone to bed. Have your guests team up in pairs of two and tie one person’s right hand to the other team member's left hand. The aim of the game is to attempt to wrap a gift using only their free hands as a team. Our Thomasville packers adore playing this fun holiday game and prefer to give a time limit of 2-4 minutes for extra giggles.

There are so many fun holiday games to play this season with family and friends. Make the most of the Christmas time that we can spend together, creating memories, traditions, and great laughs. When playing these Christmas Eve games for family and friends, make sure you get creative and involve everyone. Ensure you are playing games that can support all the people at the holiday party that would like to be involved. There is no better opportunity to bond with everyone than with these fun holiday games to play.

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