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What Happens if I Underestimate How Much Stuff I Have?

Uh-oh, you just realized you have more stuff you need to move to Fort Worth than you thought! If you’ve already scheduled your movers, you’re going to want to get in contact with them again and let them know about your oversight. Sure, it may cost a bit extra to add more to the moving list, but if you don’t let them know, you could pay even more money on top of that extra—call it extra extra. Nobody wants to extra upon extra moving costs!

Hopefully, we caught your eye before you actually scheduled movers, signed any type of contract, or had an order of service written up. This way, you can save yourself the headache and save your wallet from accidental starvation! What you want to do is have a professional mover come and survey your home and/or storage units; they will write-up an entire inventory list, complete with weight, dimensions, and whether or not an item is fragile.

You can still have this done if you had already hired movers and just realized you may have gotten your own survey wrong. The only issue is (at least with other companies) that you may have already signed a contract and changing that contract can incur multiple extra fees for the paperwork, as well as extra fees for the added weight, space, and other possible hidden fees added to your moving costs.

With All My Sons Moving & Storage, you don’t have to worry about contract changes, since we do not operate with contracts, but, instead, with orders of service. We understand that mistakes happen! If you have to make a change to your order of service, you will not be charged any extra fees unless work has already been done toward your move to Fort Worth. Though you won’t be charged any extra fees for a change, the estimate for your move may be a bit higher, since we will need to haul more weight and take up more space.

We will send an expert out to accurately survey your home and evaluate the move. This way, your moving costs won’t come as a surprise in the case that you do have more stuff than you thought. If you were to wait until the truck is loaded, the total weight would be again re-evaluated, as would the space taken in the truck, any significant overage could result in a higher charge than what you are expecting.

Do yourself a favor, for the sake of your sanity and your wallet’s well-being and call All My Sons Moving & Storage today!

This is our livelihood. It’s what we do. We will offer you the best service you could ask for. We will survey, inventory, and evaluate your move down to the cent—no hidden fees, no extra anything. If you need to make changes before moving day, let us know and we won’t charge you any extra. Remember, if you need more moving supplies, packing services, or you need your car moved, we have got your back! Do not hesitate to give us a call at (817) 813-8611!