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Ways to Stay Warm When the Power Goes

The winter storms that have been affecting most of the country are some of the worst weather conditions many states have experienced in decades, especially in Texas. Many people have had to leave their homes due to pipes bursting or loss of electricity in below-freezing temperatures. If you are unable to leave your home during these times and are being affected by the Texas power outage, our Fort Worth movers can share some ways to stay warm without heat or electricity.

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How to Stay Warm Without Heat or Electricity

If you are one of the many people being affected by the Texas power outage and are looking for ways to stay warm without electricity, our local Fort Worth movers have listed some ways we think may help.

Layer Up

Putting on more layers when the power goes out is one of the easiest ways to stay warm when there is no electricity in your home. If you have long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and fuzzy blankets, these items can help your body retain heat.

Close the Doors to Rooms You’re Not In

Keeping the doors to rooms you’re not using closed helps to stop a draft from running through your home. The more sealed your house is on the inside, the warmer it is. 

Light a Fire

If it is safe to do so, and if you have one, you can also light the fireplace in your home as a way to stay warm without having any electricity. Be sure to have a way to control and extinguish the fire if need be.

How to Keep Your House Warm Without Electricity

Keeping your house warm without electricity is similar to keeping yourself warm without electricity. Our residential movers in Fort Worth recommend layers, fireplaces, or contained outdoor fires and sealing off anywhere cold air can enter your home. We would like to remind our customers that there are some things that you shouldn’t do to keep your house warm without electricity, so that you stay safe.

When wanting to keep your home warm during the Texas power outage, be sure to avoid doing the following:

1. Run your car in the garage (closed or open).

2. Burn a charcoal grill inside.

3. Try to use candles as a source of heat.

4. Keep a gas stove running inside.

The above mentioned are not ways to keep your house warm without electricity and could seriously harm you and your family. If you require a warmer place to stay, reach out to local shelters and other resources in the community for help. Should you need assistance with moving or storage, All My Sons Moving & Storage is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to receive a free, no-obligation quote.