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Pro Packing Tips and Tricks

Get Started ASAP!

It may seem pretty obvious, but the sooner you get started on the move to Fort Worth, the sooner it’ll be over with. If you come across any obstacles along the way, the sooner you encounter them, the less time you’ll spend on overcoming those issues and the less stressful the move will be. Don’t let yourself become stressed, fatigued, or susceptible to accidents.

Get Organized.

Get your belongings in order before moving day. Categorize by item type and go room-by-room. Dishes and glassware in their own boxes for the kitchen, pillows and blankets in a box for the bedroom, and so on. One incredibly useful strategy in organization is creating a checklist for your items and rooms. Write down everything you’ve got, categorize them, and then get packing, checking off each item as you go.

Get Rid of Stuff!

Obviously, you’ll be getting rid of garbage (at least, we hope so!) But just as well, look at what you have and determine whether or not you really need it. Can you live without it? Can you replace it easily? Is it really worth moving? If you can answer any of these with a healthy “yes,” then it’s time to let it go. Whether you sell it at a yard sale, on an app like LetGo or websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, E-Bay, or you decide to donate it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, it’s time you get rid of it—replace it with something new and/or better.

Get the Right Boxes.

You don’t necessarily want an armada of large boxes—that’s how stuff gets too heavy and may result in damage. Large boxes should be for large but light items, like blankets and bedding, a bunch of clothing, stuffed animals, cushions, and all that cool stuff. Medium boxes are pretty versatile—you can pack light materials, you can pack relatively heavy items. In a medium box, perhaps a radio, video game consoles, a few books, lamps, office items, and so on. Small boxes are great for heavy items, like a load of books, silverware, dishes, small statues and paperweights, heavier knick-knacks, and other small, but heavy items. When in doubt, you can purchase packing supplies in Fort Worth from a local moving and packing company.

Pad Your Furniture.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory but you should be sure to use pads and plastic or fabric coverings to prevent any damage to your upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, metal appliances, and whatever else you may have that’s relatively fragile and susceptible to damage.

Set Timers and Turn Up the Music!

This is a dual-tip! Set yourself an alarm for an hour to an hour and a half of work, then a timer for a 15-to-30-minute break for lunch, relaxation, or a little stretching. It’s best to work in increments like this to keep yourself awake and alert and working efficiently. You’ll stay energized best this way. Now turn on some music you enjoy working along to, and this could be an extra boost to your energy and morale. Music can help you get the work done quicker and without even realizing how much you’re actually doing!


Now that you’ve got the industry’s best pro tips in mind, use them to the best of your ability and your move to Fort Worth will go smoothly. If you need some help packing, our Fort Worth movers and packers will be happy to help! We also offer packing supplies, partial- and full-service moving, local and long-distance, and auto moving. Whether you need residential, corporate, or commercial service, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage have got you covered! Give us a call for your free quote today at (817) 813-8611!