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How to Throw a No-Fuss Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year, November sneaks up on us and Thanksgiving is here before we know it. If you’ve hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, you know how much time and effort goes into cooking the feast. The holiday is a major responsibility, but it can be fun and festive if you plan right. Our Fort Worth movers have put together their tips on how to host Thanksgiving with no fuss.


Make a Food List

There is nothing worse than realizing you don’t have all of your supplies on the day of Thanksgiving. Avoid this headache and make a food list a week in advance. Be sure to check your recipes for any and all ingredients. You can also ask your guests if they can think of necessities. They may enjoy something you never thought to buy. After you’ve made a list and checked it twice, you’re ready to go to the store.

Buy Everything in Advance

Our Fort Worth residential movers recommend going to the grocery store at least five days in advance. If you can’t find anything on the food list, then you still have time to go to another store. Don’t cut it close by going the day before; the Thanksgiving items may be out of stock, and you can’t risk a Thanksgiving feast without turkey. After you have the food items, you can purchase festive decorations.

Plan the Day

The best way to have a no-fuss Thanksgiving dinner is to plan the day. If you have an itinerary, then you know that you have sufficient time to get everything done. You should also print out your recipes and have them ready to go. You can even cook a few dishes beforehand if you feel overwhelmed. No matter how you host Thanksgiving dinner, there will be some chaos. Make it easier on yourself by planning the day. Be sure to pencil in time to spend with your friends and family outside of the kitchen.

Have Your Guests Bring Dessert

If you host a dinner, then your guests should bring dessert. Our Fort Worth auto movers suggest that you ask everyone to contribute. Of course, someone must bring pumpkin pie, but the rest of the treats should be a surprise. Your friends and family can get creative with festive desserts. When dinner is done, your guests can pick from the assortment of treats.


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