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How to Protect Your Carpets When Moving

How to Protect Carpets When Moving

The next chapter in your story begins with your move to Fort Worth, and, although it’s not the simplest of all processes to complete, you will make the transition just fine—but it doesn’t hurt to checkup on a few helpful tips to make the move a bit easier.

One thing anyone who is moving in or out of a home with carpeted floors should be concerned with is keeping those carpets in good shape throughout the move. There are multiple ways to keep the carpets as pristine as possible, and no, neither of these ways involve just tearing the carpet out of the house! So, what can you do?

Plywood Cover

One useful method, especially if you need to employ the help of dollies and hand-trucks, or if any of your furniture happens to already have wheels, is using plywood. Of course, you’ll want the right amount of plywood sheets to cover at least a makeshift path from whichever room(s) to the front door. Think of the plywood as a little roadway within your home, helping to protect the carpeting from damage during your move.

Furniture Sliders

These babies can be a lifesaver in more ways than simply moving to Fort Worth. Pop a few underneath each foot of the sofa, under the feet of the entertainment center, the dresser, whatever heavy stuff you might have, and get going! You will be amazed at how much simpler furniture sliders will make your entire move.

Carpet Masking

Another wonderful idea for your move to Fort Worth is to use adhesive carpet film. Essentially, carpet masking will protect your carpets from any liquid spills, prevent tears, scuffs, fringing, and any other damage to your carpets.

Shoe Booties

As an extra line of defense, it would be wise to get a set of shoe booties, which cover your shoes and protect your carpets from dirty footprints. They will also protect your shoes from dirt, debris, water, and all the other elements!


So, now you’ve got yourself a few great tips to help keep your carpets safe during the move to Fort Worth. It may even be high time to get a hold of the best Fort Worth movers, and that’s where All My Sons Fort Worth comes in! Our expert movers offer nothing but the absolute best moving services in Fort Worth—we even offer a free, custom, no-obligation quote for your move! Give us a call today at (817) 813-8611.