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Everything You Can Do to Prepare for Moving Day

Everything You Can Do to Prepare for Moving Day

You’ve made up your mind, found a new home, and it’s time to get ready for your move to Fort Worth—that’s exciting! We are thrilled to know that you have chosen to make our home your home, too! Now that you know you’re moving, you should start preparing for moving day.

Rule number one is to allow yourself ample time to prepare for moving day. Preparation for the move is not a one-day job, so don’t allow yourself to leave it to the last minute!

Should You Hire Movers?

You should figure out whether or not to hire a North Texas moving company like All My Sons Moving & Storage of Fort Worth for the big move. If it’s just you, a small pet, and a few items in a studio apartment, maybe hiring movers is not worth it to you. But if it’s you, your spouse, children, a pet, and a few bedrooms-worth of things, then you may not want to do it all on your own. It’s always a good idea to invest in full-service movers in Fort Worth for the big day. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed and risk injury, damage to your items, or any other negative results associated with a stressful move.

Clean-Up and Organize

You have to get all your ducks in a row before you can lead them to the pond! In other words, your home should be clean and organized before you can make the move. Throw out all your garbage and irreparably broken items, have a yard sale and get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore, and donate other unwanted items.

If you are employing full-service movers or our packing services in Fort Worth, you can let us do the packing for you when the big day comes! Categorizing and organization will help us get everything in the right boxes quicker and more efficiently, so your move won’t take any longer than it needs to, nor will it be such a grueling process!

Don’t Forget the Utilities!

You don’t want to be paying bills for an extra home you aren’t living in anymore, so remember to schedule shut-off and end dates for the water, electric, gas, and other utilities and services for the home out of which you are moving. Of course, you’ll want the power and water on for the new home, so be sure to have your utilities ready to go in the new place for moving day!


You’ll likely need a hand or two for the move, so why not treat yourself to the best team of movers in Fort Worth? That’s All My Sons Moving & Storage of Fort Worth—get your free, no-obligation quote today by calling (817) 813-8611!