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Dealing with Homesickness After Moving to Fort Worth

Moving is stressful on the body and mind. It can take a toll on you emotionally and leave you feeling alone, especially if you are moving out of the house for the first time. Homesickness is a real and treatable problem. Our Fort Worth movers are here to help you deal with homesickness after moving with these three tips.


Talk to People

When dealing with homesickness after moving, talking with people about what you are feeling is a an effective way to help you with your emotions. If you have just moved out of your house for the first time because you went away to college, try reaching out to fellow students or counsellors. Just know there is no shame in reaching out to a trained medical professional who will be able to help you deal with homesickness.


Use Nostalgia to Boost Your Mood

Researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK have found that nostalgia is a potent mood booster.1 Reflecting on old memories doesn’t do you well when you are trying to move forward and make new memories, but it doesn’t hurt to decorate your new place with nostalgic mementos from the past. Sometimes even cooking a meal your parents or grandparents used to make or hanging up pictures of friends and family can make you feel more at home. Nostalgia is a good way to remember home and can make you feel as if you were back home. Just don’t get too attached to the past, remember to be present in the present, otherwise your outlook will never improve if you are stuck in the past. This tool is a good method to use when you are feeling down and need a memory mood booster from home.


Take Care of Yourself

When you are dealing with homesickness you have to remember to take care of yourself and figure out how you are going to deal with the situation. Anxiety, depression, or anger might be a few of the emotions you feel. During these low points, you shouldn’t forget to eat and exercise. Most importantly, don’t cut yourself off from the outside world. Try journaling your thoughts or joining a local group in Fort Worth like YMCA or an organization that you have always wanted to volunteer with. Reaching out and taking care of yourself is important as you deal with homesickness after moving.


Contact Us

The local Fort Worth movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help you move. We are a family-operated business that understands the importance of being there for one another. We want to be the first people you know in Fort Worth. Our professional movers are not trained medical therapists, but we are trained experts in the moving industry. Call our friendly movers today for a free, no-obligation quote.

*If you are having thoughts about harming yourself or others, call 1-800-273-8255 to speak with someone at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.




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