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Avoid Common Moving Injuries with Safe Moving Techniques

Tips From Our Fort Worth Local Movers

If you are planning on moving to your new home without the help of a professional moving company, it’s important to be aware of safe moving techniques. Moving can be very stressful, especially if you are solely responsible for planning and executing every detail that goes into the process. It is easy to have the mentality of getting things done quickly and rushing the tasks; however, moving injuries can occur if you do not take one step at a time, with caution. Our Fort Worth movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share safe moving techniques so you can have a successful, injury-free moving experience.


Safety Tips for Moving from Professional Fort Worth Movers

Safety is an integral part of preparing for a move and should not be overlooked. Not everyone is a professional mover or wants to hire professional movers, so our local Fort Worth Movers are giving you the 411 on the safe moving techniques professionals use so that you can avoid injuries while moving.

Dress for the Job
You should dress appropriately; for example, wear clothing that covers your body. By wearing appropriate clothing and gear, you can avoid scratches from sharp objects or corners as you’re loading items onto or off the moving truck. Wear gloves that allow you to get a firm grip on items and fully protect your hands. You will also need to wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or boots since you’ll be walking back and forth, hauling heavy items. Never wear open-toed shoes on moving day because you never know what can drop on your feet and cause a serious injury. You will be carrying large boxes and furniture pieces and you can easily slip and fall if you are not properly prepared.

Lift Heavy Items Properly
Our residential movers in Fort Worth suggest that you familiarize yourself with the proper lifting techniques before moving day. Bend and lift with your knees to prevent common moving injuries to your back.

Recruit Family & Friends to Help with the Move
Part of practicing safe moving techniques is making sure to have enough help and human power to move your belongings. You may need to enlist other family members or friends to help you during the moving process if you are not planning to hire professionals. The more people you can recruit the less time it will take to transport your belongings to the new house. Take the moving process one step at a time and try to avoid rushing. When you’re rushing, lifting heavy moving boxes on your own, you’ll be more susceptible to common moving injuries. You can speed up the process with additional helpers.

Don’t Forget to Stock Up on Sturdy Packing Supplies
Believe it or not, making sure you have the appropriate moving supplies to execute your move is considered a safe moving technique. Otherwise, you could risk scratches, bruises, or other moving injuries, both mild and severe. Our full-service moving company offers the best packing supplies in Fort Worth. You have access to all the tools our professionals use to help families move daily.

Another moving safety tip from the pros: using the right equipment – such as a dolly for large boxes, furniture, or appliances – will relieve you of unnecessary strenuous work and prevent common moving injuries.


Contact our professional movers today for more information on how we can handle your entire move so you can sit back and relax! We offer full-service moving options for anyone in the Fort Worth area. Our professional movers practice safe moving techniques daily and have the necessary skills to quickly move you to a new home or office within your timeframe.