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Common Moving Injuries to Avoid

Tips From Our Fort Worth Local Movers

If you are planning on moving to your new home by yourself and without the help from a professional moving company, it’s important to become aware of the common moving injuries that can occur. Moving can be very stressful especially if you are solely responsible for planning and executing every detail that goes into the process. It’s easy to have the mentality of getting things done quickly and rushing the process, however moving injuries can occur if you do not take the tasks one step at a time and with caution. The Fort Worth movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage share with you how to avoid common moving injuries that can occur during the process.

Preparation is Key

Safety should not be overlooked during a move and it’s important to be prepared before moving day. You should dress appropriately such as wearing clothing that covers your body. This way you can avoid scratches from sharp furniture objects when transporting the items to the moving truck. Wear gloves that allow you to get a firm grip on items and to fully protect your hands. You will also need to wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or boots to help you move around easily. Never wear open toed shoes on moving day because you never know what can drop on your feet and cause a serious injury. You will be carrying large boxes and furniture pieces and you can easily slip and fall if you are not properly prepared. We suggest that you become aware of the proper lifting techniques before moving day such as bending and lifting with your knees so you can avoid common back injuries.

Don't Move Solely on your Own-Enlist Help

Using a dolly when possible for large boxes will relieve strenuous work for you and you may need to enlist other family members or friends to assist you during the moving process. The more people you have with you helping, the less time it will take transporting your belongings. It’s important to take this process seriously because common moving injuries such as pulling out your back or twisting your ankle can cause a lot of pain and even take you out of work for a bit. Take the moving process each step at a time and try to avoid rushing the situation. The faster you try and carry heavy moving boxes on your own, the more susceptible you are to an unnecessary injury. You can speed up the process by gathering more helping hands.

All My Sons Moving & Storage understands how common moving injuries are and we want to help you avoid them at all costs. Contact our Fort Worth movers today for more information on how we can handle your entire move so you can sit back and relax! We offer full-service moving for anyone in the Fort Worth area and our professional movers have the necessary skills needed to quickly move you to a new home or office within your timeframe.