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Why You Should Move with a South Florida Moving Company

5 Reasons to Hire Professional South Florida Movers

Moving takes time, effort, and money. Many people are willing to spend the time and effort to try to save money. In some cases, packing and moving by yourself can be the cheaper option. In other cases, you’ll actually save more money on your move by hiring professional South Florida movers. In addition to cost savings, there are other advantages of enlisting the expertise of professional South Florida moving company.


Packing Services

One of the best perks of working with professional movers is that many moving companies now offer packing services, along with their moving services. Packing all your belongings by yourself often takes weeks to complete. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our South Florida movers will pack up all your items from clothes to furniture on moving day. We only use the best packing supplies, so your belongings are protected until delivery.


The Right Tools

Our South Florida moving company offers a full range of packing and moving services including furniture disassembly. Taking apart your bigger furniture pieces is tricky if you don’t have the expertise or the right tools. With professional movers, disassembly can be done quickly without damaging any of your items. Our South Florida movers also utilize dollies, quilt-padded blankets, shrink wrap, and other industry-specific tools and supplies that you’d likely not have access to during a DIY move.


Heavy Lifting Handled

Moving furniture, appliances, and boxes filled with your stuff requires a lot of heavy lifting. If not done properly, loading a moving truck can lead to some major injuries. Avoid that risk by hiring professional South Florida movers. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our movers are physically fit and trained to use the correct techniques to safely load and unload their trucks. Let us handle all the heavy lifting for you!


Time Savings

Professional South Florida movers will work in small teams. In combination with their expertise, they’ll meet all your packing and moving needs in a much quicker than the time you’d end up spending on a DIY move. Busy work or school schedules get in the way of completing your move swiftly. Not to mention the time it takes to ask your family and friends for help and then coordinating all your schedules to complete you packing and moving tasks. Our South Florida movers will be pack up everything and relocate your family to your new home during moving day.


Storage Solutions

You may need temporary storage solutions during your move. You may have to store away some of your items before you can fully settle into your new home. If you work with professional movers, you won’t have to rent out a storage unit from a separate company. Our South Florida moving company offers flexible storage facilities with overnight, short-term, and long-term storage options.