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Unpack Your House in 2 Days

Although moving can be tough, and generates a ton of work, you should not have to stress once you get to your new house. You are going to get to your new place and let out a sigh of relief, and then remember that now it is time to unpack it all. If you have opted for the full-service Fort Lauderdale movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, there is no need to stress, for we will do all of the unpacking for you. However, if you have to do all of the unpacking yourself, we have a few tips to help you begin and finish unpacking your house in just two days.

Before you even move into your new house, you need to have measurements set on where you want to place all of your furniture. This way, there is no confusion when it comes to these big, heavy items. After straining yourself to carry them inside, there is no need to shuffle around. Figure out where everything needs to go ahead of time and map it out.

If you have things in a certain order, Fort Lauderdale movers suggest taking pictures before you pack so you can refer to them when you are unsure of where things were before the shift.

Although you may want to be completely organized, you do not need to move everything into your new house in the same order. If things fit more properly in a different place, such as the glasses is a different cabinet than they were at your old house, Fort Lauderdale movers say to let them be. There is no need to stress out and force things to be put in places in which they do not deem fit for. As far as the kitchen goes, make sure you are taking all of your things out of their moving boxes and putting them in respectable cabinets – you can reorganize everything later.

When it comes to your closets, do not take your clothes off of the hangers. All you need to do it slide them clothes into a trash bag. This way, when you get to your new house all you have to do is hang the clothes up and tear off the trash bag.

In order to not have to rummage and shuffle through all of your things in the two days that you are unpacking your house, Fort Lauderdale movers suggest packing a suitcase like you are going on vacation for a few days. Bring all of the essentials, like clothes, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, all other important toiletries, brush, and anything else you would pack when going away. Although our tips are for unpacking your house in two days, this suitcase will give you a bit of leeway. This gives you a few extra days to unpack everything, just in case of any discrepancies.