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Best Guide to South Florida Patio Furniture

One of the best things about South Florida is the ability to go into the beautiful outdoors basically all year round. However, it’s easy to get sluggish in the heat (or the winter “cold” of 70 degrees), which means you may want to bring the outdoors to you. Florida patio furniture is a must in order to build a tropical haven where you can host summer barbecues, light up that fire pit for s’mores, or curl up with your essential Carl Hiaasen novel. Our Fort Lauderdale full-service movers have developed a guide to South Florida patio furniture to help you in your quest for the ultimate outdoor chill zone.

Florida Patio Furniture Materials

Before deciding on what pieces you want to deck out your deck with, you should familiarize yourself with a few of the common types of outdoor furniture materials. Florida patio furniture should be made of durable material to withstand the warm weather climate and rain.


Aluminum resists rust and moisture damage better than a lot of other metals, as well as extreme temperatures. It is often lightweight yet durable and doesn’t require a lot of care.

Resin wicker, often confused with rattan, is a long-lasting and weather-resistant synthetic fiber weave that is wrapped over a metal frame. A benefit of resin wicker over bare metal is that it tends to give a homier touch to the aesthetic of the space. More expensive/high end resin wicker is UV-resistant, which means it won’t fade in the Florida sun.

Teak lasts up to 50 years in comparison to other woods like pine. As far as Florida patio furniture materials go, teak is a very physically strong and aesthetically pleasing option. Just remember that looking so good requires a lot of upkeep. Beauty is, as they say, pain.


Florida Patio Furniture Essentials

Now that you’re acquainted with the materials, it’s time to decide what outdoor furniture items you want to purchase. Remember to stick with what works for you and makes you feel at home. There are some essentials you will want, though.


Chairs are a must, and our Fort Lauderdale local movers recommend purchasing at least two so you can hang out with a friend.

• A table will allow you the ability to do many things outside, like eating and drawing. As a rule of thumb, have one side table for every two chairs. You could also get a larger table if you plan on hosting frequently.

• To make your outdoor space feel cozy and comfortable, add a patio sofa to your list of Florida patio furniture essentials. Guests will love this, and when they’re not around, the sofa will be a great place to recline and relax in the great Florida sun.

• Don’t forget to buy covers if you want to reduce upkeep.

Where to Buy Florida Patio Furniture

You have your shopping list and now you need to know where to buy Florida patio furniture. There are a multitude of options for outdoor furniture shopping around the Fort Lauderdale area, both local and chain. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Rooms to Go Patio will all have what you’re looking for, but we recommend shopping smaller to support your local economy. Our Cooper City movers recommend Jerry’s Casual Patio, and our Boca Raton movers recommend Fortunoff Backyard Store.1, 2 Down the line, if you need help packing up your Florida patio furniture, we have your back with our Fort Lauderdale packing services.


We hope this guide has helped you in your quest to create the ultimate Florida patio furniture chill zone. If you get too hot out there, read our guide on how to keep cool in the summer in Fort Lauderdale, and if you want more decorating tips read our Fort Lauderdale moving articles. See you in the sunshine!



1. Jerry’s Casual Patio

2. Fortunoff Backyard Store