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5 Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Follow your experts' packing advice for an easier move.

Packing can be a complex and time-consuming step in the moving process, but it is one of the most important steps to ensure an efficient and smooth move. When faced with all your belongings and a collection of boxes to put them, you’ll want to avoid these five packing mistakes.


1. Failing to Create a Game Plan

In a misguided effort to save on time, many people make the mistake of packing their belongings at random. Packing without following a plan will end up wasting your time once you get to your destination. It will be difficult to unpack when your items are randomly packed into boxes; they will be hard to find. So, it will be practically impossible for you to unpack methodically, such as most to least essential, once you get to your new place.


2. Packing Everything You Own

One of the priciest packing mistakes you can make is to pack everything you own when you move. Many people feel that they will save time if they just pack everything and then sort through their stuff after moving. However, this mistake not only wastes time in the long run, it also wastes money. It is better to clear clutter as you pack and get rid of unwanted items before your move, so that your budget and moving truck space are not wasted on items that you’ll end up not using at your new place.


3. Overfilling Boxes

Whether to save time or money, some people make the mistake of stuffing too many things into their boxes. This increases the risk of your belongings getting damaged in transit. It also increases the risk of you or the Fort Lauderdale movers you hire getting injured due to lifting boxes that are excessively heavy. A way to save time and use fewer boxes is to separate heavy and light items into two groups. Heavy items will go into smaller boxes and lighter items will go into larger boxes.


4. Not Labeling Boxes

One of the most common packing mistakes is failing to label boxes. It results in you wasting hours of time during the unpacking process. Avoid having to open every box to find out what’s inside when you get to your destination by labeling each box. List the items that are inside a box with black marker.


5. Waiting Until the Last Minute

Packing is time-consuming, and, in most cases, it isn’t a very simple process. Many people make the mistake of waiting until the day of or the day before their big move to start the packing process. This leads to high levels of stress and, often, a delayed moving date. Avoid this undesirable situation by packing in advance, well before your moving date. Hiring full-service Fort Lauderdale movers also takes out the stress of packing and moving.