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How to Tip Your Orlando Moving Company

All My Sons Moving & Storage takes pride in being the trusted packing and moving company for Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our team of Central Florida movers not only safely move your items from one location to another, but they’ll even pack your belongings in a strategic and quick method to make your move that much easier. Based off your needs, we can provide you with partial, or full packing services, as well as all the necessary packing and moving supplies needed to get the job done right on your move to Orlando.

Many people are pleased with our services, as they cater to all your moving needs. When it comes time to tip your moving company, there are many factors to consider when setting an amount. Your Central Florida movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to break down how and when to tip your moving company. 

To calculate how to properly tip your moving company, you must first determine the nature of the job. Ask yourself:

How big is your move to Orlando?
Do you need your Central Florida movers to pack up two rooms, or ten rooms? Are you moving ten boxes or 50 boxes?

Are there difficulties involved?
Does your move to Orlando require your moving company to use stairs or elevators? Are there multiple levels to your home or office that could make the job more difficult or strenuous?

How many large pieces of furniture are there during the relocation?
Fortunately, our team of Central Florida movers has extensive experience in packing oddly shaped items and large furniture. However, these are more difficult to pack and move, so keep these in mind when asking yourself if there are difficulties involved.

Is gratuity added to the quote or the total amount?
Some moving companies add gratuity, so check before tipping on top of it.

Once you consider the initial questions around your needs, it’s time to pay attention to your Central Florida movers.

What is their demeanor like?
Are they friendly and helpful?
Are they showing dedication and care for your belongings?
Are you being treated with exceptional service?

If you answered yes to these questions, a tip for your movers is appropriate!

You can tip your moving company the same way you would a server at a restaurant. Calculate gratuity based on the total amount of time they have spent taking care of your things, in addition to the quality of the service they’ve provided you with.

The following list is a suggested tip baseline for your movers:

4 hours – $10 for each mover
8 hours – $20 for each mover
12 hours – $40 for each mover
Process longer than 12 hours – $40-100 for each mover
Excess number of heavy items and furniture – add $10-20 more for each person in the moving crew

Don’t forget that this is a general guideline on how to tip your moving company. You do not need to feel obligated to provide your movers with extra gratuity if you do not feel your service was exceptional. However, if you do feel that your Central Florida moving company has provided you with quality service and made your move to Orlando easier, show your appreciation!


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