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Thanksgiving Traditions

If you are like most American families, chances are you have a few traditions that you follow throughout the holidays. Whether it's baking a specific pie at the same time every year using your grandma’s recipe, or running a marathon before Thanksgiving dinner, every family has some special way to celebrate. The holidays are all about traditions and our Orlando movers can’t get enough! Our full-service moving company prides itself on traditional values and wants to share some Thanksgiving traditions this holiday season.

The Best Thanksgiving Traditions

Our residential movers in Orlando know that every family has a different way of celebrating the holidays, which is what makes this time of year so beautiful. We have made a list of the best Thanksgiving traditions and hope that you see your family’s tradition listed. If you are looking for new Thanksgiving traditions, maybe there is something on our list that you will enjoy!

Planning a trip.

Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is usually a big travel day for many Americans. Due to COVID-19, traveling may be difficult or look different than the norm this year. If you are unable to take a trip to see family this Thanksgiving, you can recreate the Thanksgiving tradition of traveling by planning your trip to a new destination next year!

The Turkey Pardon.

This is one of the oldest Thanksgiving traditions the U.S. has. Every year, starting in 1989, the president will get two live turkeys as a gift. In a ceremony, he will then “pardon” the turkeys so they can go on another day not being on the dinner table.

Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the Thanksgiving tradition that we all love the most – Thanksgiving Dinner. Between the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and all the pies, there is nothing not to love.

Splitting the wishbone.

If your family usually makes a whole turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, then you may be no stranger to this Thanksgiving tradition. Splitting the wishbone with a sibling or parent is always a fun way to end dinner. Make sure you try to get the bigger piece when it breaks so your wishes come true!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

For 162 years, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been one of the most celebrated Thanksgiving traditions. People from all over the world and country gather in New York to see the floats, giant balloons, live bands, and celebrity performances. This year, the parade will still be running but at half capacity. Tune into NBC at 9 AM to make sure you don’t miss a minute!


Our local movers in Orlando wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you can carry on with your Thanksgiving traditions even through these socially distanced times. If one of your Thanksgiving traditions is moving, contact our full-service moving company today for a free quote!