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Recycled Egg Carton Projects for Kids

Finding new ways to keep your kids entertained can be a challenge. If you’re a parent who likes to limit screen time, then you will really like these creative ways to keep your kids entertained. Our Orlando movers understand that settling into a new home can be time consuming and it’s even harder to get settled while keeping your kids entertained, so we’ve come up with some ways to get kids engaged with arts and crafts! When you’re cleaning out your fridge before moving, be sure to keep your egg cartons to make these recycled egg carton projects with your kids.

What Can I Make with Egg Cartons?

Keeping your kids entertained sometimes feels like full time job! Creating is a great form of entertaining your kids and allow them to express their creativity. Check out these recycled egg carton projects from our Orlando residential movers. There are a lot of cute animal shapes and other designs that can be made from egg cartons and can be used as holiday decorations or simply displayed around your home as works of art.

Egg Carton Ladybug
This recycled egg carton project is great spring break activity. You’ll need some tools, other than egg cartons, glue, and scissors. Make sure to pick up black pipe cleaner, googly eyes, black pompoms, red paint, and a black marker from the craft sore. Once your ladybug is complete, you can put it on the windowsill by a nice potted plant, or in the garden where it can’t get wet.

Egg Carton Spring Chicks
Another great spring recycled egg carton project is making spring chickens! These chicks are sure to be an eggcelent craft for your kids and you to enjoy. For this craft, you will need acrylic paint and paint brushes, glue, scissors, markers, feathers and some construction paper. Take the egg carton and paint, glue, or decorate it so each egg resembles one tiny spring chicken.

Egg Carton Crab
Head under the sea with this recycled egg carton project, an egg carton crab. Like the other egg carton projects, you will need paint, googly eyes, glue, and pipe cleaners. Your little crab friend is the perfect addition to an underwater themed bathroom or to display in your kitchen.

Egg Carton Flowers
Take gardening inside with this egg carton flower creation. Bring to life the perfect garden with your kids, where they can create their very own flowers. Pick out the colored paints of their choosing, some colored pompoms, green pipe cleaners, and construction paper. Lay the pipe cleaner down on the construction paper as the stems, the egg carton as the petals, and the pompoms as the pistil (center of the flower).

Egg Carton Bumble Bee
The perfect addition to the egg carton flowers are egg carton bumble bees. These cute little crafts are very similar to the egg carton ladybug and will also be a cute addition to a potted plant or outdoor garden.

When getting ready to move to Orlando, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage to take care of your moving needs. We promise to make your move easy and to treat your family like our own! Let us worry about the logistics of your move, while you create memories with your kids through recycled egg carton projects.

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