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How to Move Safely to Orlando

Planning a DIY move to Orlando? That’s no surprise, some people plan a DIY move anywhere for the sake of saving money. A few weeks before moving day, you’re most likely getting everything in order for a smoother move into the new home. You may cover tasks like changing your address on different documents and accounts, scheduling a WiFi installation, and so on. Although you’re looking forward to moving to Orlando, ensuring your safety along the way should be part of your DIY. Our Orlando movers are here to show you how to move safely to Orlando.


Get A Good Night’s Rest

At first, you may think a good night’s sleep has absolutely nothing to do with your safety but try considering your energy levels on moving day. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep can do you some good as you’ll have better motor coordination and concentration for the big day. Sure, you may want to stay up the night before doing some last-minute packing, but it’s not worth the side effects of sleep deprivation. Such side effects can include short-term memory, impulsive behavior, and daytime fatigue, [1] all of which can increase the risk of a vehicular accident on your way to the new home.


If you think packing the night before will be an issue, you can always choose our Orlando packing services to save you time. Our Florida movers are trained in effective packing techniques and use quality packing material to ensure the security of your belongings during the move.


Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

Another moving safety tip to keep in mind with regard to energy levels is eating a well-balanced diet.  Eating a nutritious meal at the start of the day can really make an impact on how fast you get the job done since your meal will give your body the energy it needs. Not digging into a meal can lead to a rapid decline in energy levels as well as trouble with concentration. Also, keep snacks like whole grain crackers and trail mix close by to maintain energy levels. So, dig in!


In addition to eating well, don’t forget to stay hydrated for the big day. Drink enough water at the start of the day and stay hydrated by drinking water at the top of every hour. Sure, you’d feel that using the bathroom one too many times throughout the day may be a bit excessive, but you would rather that happen than experience the harsh side effects of dehydration such a lack of motor coordination and memory. So, drink up to ensure you move safely to Orlando!


Easy Moving with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Whether you’re not able to move due to a pre-existing condition or you just have too much to move, contact our Orlando movers. Our safe moving company provide an array of reliable relocation services to help you settle into the new home hassle-free. Call us today for your free moving quote.



[1] Healthline – The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body