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How to Make Your Move Easier

Packing & Moving Tips for an Easy Move

Moving to a new house can be hectic and complicated. It’s difficult to keep track of all the task you must complete when cardboard boxes and half packed belongings are all over your home. Fortunately, with the proper planning you can make your moving experience a lot easier. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Orlando movers have executed a countless number of moves. We have collected a few tips and tricks along the way. So, if you want to know how to make your move easier, follow the following moving tips for an easy move.


1. Declutter and Organize Your Home First

Having less stuff to move is a great way to streamline your moving process. So, the weeks before your moving date is a great time to declutter your home by getting rid of items you no longer need or want. Go through each of your rooms and separate your belongings into three categories: “Pack,” “Donate,” and “Discard.”

While you’re decluttering, organize your rooms simultaneously. Make sure all your stuff is in the right rooms and then place your smaller items into containers. For instance, pack your toiletries into clear plastic containers and store them under your bathroom sink until you start to move.


2. Have All the Necessary Supplies

Once you start packing, you’ll need enough packing supplies to pack all your belongings. You’ll also need the proper and higher-quality moving and packing supplies which our Orlando movers can provide for you. Cardboard boxes are great for clothes, small appliances, and other moderate-sized items. Larger appliances might need specialized boxes; if you still have the manufacturer’s packaging, use that.

Moving blankets and plastic wrap are needed when packing furniture. Don’t forget to buy an ample amount of tape and packaging filler like packing peanuts and paper. If you have all the supplies you need beforehand, you save yourself from having to go shopping for supplies in the middle of your move.


3. Pack Room by Room

It might be tempting to pack by category or size, but it is much more beneficial to pack by room. This not only streamlines your packing process, it also makes it easier once you start unpacking. Make sure each box only contains stuff from one room. Avoid any mixing even if there is additional space left over in the box.

By packing room to room, all your belongings will stay properly grouped together once they’re loaded onto the moving truck of your Orlando movers. Be sure to pack and load your kitchen items last, so that they can be unpacked first when you arrive at your new place.


4. Use Smaller Boxes

A lesser known packing tip is to use smaller boxes. You may end up having more boxes than you would if you used bigger boxes. Still, smaller boxes are easier to manage, carry, and stack up. They are also easier to pack and unpack.

Heavier things should especially be packed into smaller boxes to prevent yourself or your Orlando movers from getting injured. Larger boxes are sometimes necessary, but if the items fit, always go with a smaller box.