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How to Downsize Before Moving to Orlando

Cut Back on Unnecessary Clutter Before Your Big Move

Look around your home and you’ll likely have things you never use or a few too many knickknacks. All this clutter creates a stressful environment — something you won’t want to transfer to your new home. Fortunately, moving is the perfect opportunity for downsizing.

By downsizing before moving, not only will you have less clutter at your new place, you’ll also save money on moving expenses. Our Orlando long-distance movers offer low-cost rates, but additional savings are never a bad thing for those on a budget. Downsizing before moving means less boxes to pack which means a lower bill in the end.

The Orlando long-distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer some ideas on how to downsize before moving.


1. Know Your New Floor Plan

Before you look over and sort through your belongings, it’s best to have a clear understanding of the new home you will be moving to, specifically its floor plan. If your new space is smaller, you’ll have to get rid of more. Your new home could even be bigger than your old one, but if it has smaller bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms, you’ll have to replace your oversized furniture with smaller options. Avoid wasting time and money by selling or donating that furniture before your move to Orlando.


2. Take an Inventory of Things You’ll Keep

Another step to take before you start moving around your things is to make a list of things you need or really want to keep. One method is to imagine a scenario where all your belongings are destroyed by a fire and then identifying which items you would want to buy again. Another method is to use the one-year rule. Get rid of items that you haven’t used in over a year. The belongings you would replace or the ones you use regularly can be packed up and moved.


3. It’s Sorting Time

Once you’ve considered your new space and taken a mental note of the belongings you will absolutely keep, you can go through each of your rooms and pick which items will be packed, and which ones will be thrown out, donated, or sold. Digitize your collections of CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes. Send old or broken electronics to an electronic recycling program.

Sort through your closets and get rid of clothes that no longer fit, are no longer worn, or won’t be practical in the location of your new home. If you are planning a move to Orlando, for instance, you should consider getting rid of most of your bulky coats and other winter clothes.

Downsizing before moving is a great way to lower your moving costs and reduce clutter in your new home. Once you finish downsizing, our Orlando long-distance movers can give you a smooth and stress-free move to your new home to, from, or within Orlando.