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Declutter Your Home This New Year

With a New Year brings new goals, new challenges, and a fresh start. If your home is cluttered, it might be a little challenging to bring a fresh start to your new year. So, take some time, clean up, declutter, and get your home together. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we’re Orlando’s top moving company. We are here to lend a hand so you can freshen up to take on the New Year.

Oh, so, you think you don’t have a clutter problem? Do you really know what clutter is? Simply put, clutter consists of anything you are keeping around that simply adds no value to your life whatsoever. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your house looks like, everyone has some type of clutter in their life. Smarten up by decluttering and making room for the things that really matter.

If you’re used to living with clutter, you may be on the fence about decluttering your home. Many people have this thought because they have never taken the time to actually get rid of said clutter. Give it whirl! Chances are, it will be a huge stress reliever and leave you feel with a sense of accomplishment and give you a grasp of control on life. Not a believer? Decluttering has other impacts as well. Getting rid of old junk frees up tons of space around the house for new items. If you are moving, decluttering leaves you with fewer items to pack. Regardless, decluttering can only bring positivity into your life.

Don’t just jump into decluttering, you want to avoid turning a clutter filled house into a bigger problem. Strategize and have a plan before you start. Go one room at a time and use three bins to designate items as Keep, Rid, and Storage. This will make the entire process much quicker and efficient. When you complete a room. Take your Keep bin and properly place each item where necessary. Remember, we do not need to re-clutter each room. Take your Rid bin and empty it in a space out of the way in your home. This area will be designated for all items you are getting rid of after you fill the bin in each room. Of course, you will want to do the same process for your Storage bin as well.

Once you have your large pile of clutter to get rid of, what do you do? Start separating and see what items are still in good shape and what is garbage. Of everything that is still in working order, if you have enough items, host a garage sale. It never hurts to make a few bucks. If not, it is always heartwarming to donate used goods to those who may not be able to afford those things.

As Orlando movers, we cannot stress enough how important it is to sort through items before a move. We understand, some of your possessions have sentimental value, but we often find families pack, relocate, and end up throwing away objects that simply could have been placed in the trash from the beginning. Not to mention they could have saved a few bucks. So, do yourself a favor as we head into 2018, declutter and conquer the New Year.