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Coral Springs At A Glance

Take a Look at Coral Springs with All My Sons Movers

Being in Coral Springs for the first time can be intimidating. There's an enormous amount to take in. Your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to help you transition into our community by preparing you with some things to expect.
While families are making the move to Coral Springs with All My Sons Moving & Storage, Coral Springs is moving toward an even higher quality of life. This Florida city has matured in great strides since its incorporation in 1963. Get ready to call a reliable moving and storage company, because this city has big plans for its growing community of 127,000.
Controlled, functional development has always been the plan in Coral Springs. Currently, the city’s downtown area is undergoing an extensive redevelopment to the tune of $700 million. Upon completion, the multi-use plan will add an open-air shopping and entertainment complex, office space, retail centers, a new government center, a new hotel and over 1,000 residential units. In addition, the plan aims at providing residents with a more pedestrian-friendly city. Portions of the project are already completed or near completion, so call your Coral Springs movers and plan your move soon.
Coral Springs is setting the example for an environmentally-concerned, action-oriented city. City officials passed a 2008 resolution to support climate protection and decrease local impact on negative climate changes. The city is in the process of developing and implementing “green” building policies and maintenance. Nine hybrid vehicles have been purchased for city use, and all lawn mowers and city trucks use clean fuels like bio diesel. As one of many goals, residents, city officials and Coral Springs movers hope to dramatically-reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2014.
Already scenic by nature, Coral Springs is full of fantastic views and lush greenery. Over fifty parks cover 765 acres within city limits. Athletic leagues and organizations offer sports for athletes of all ages and pristine beaches are only minutes away.
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