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Top Tips to Pack for an Efficient Move

Moving day is right around the corner and you came to the right place. Here are our top ten tips for an efficient move from your premier Denton Moving Company.

Start Packing Early

Of course, anyone can say, “don’t wait until the last minute.” Actually, stick to that, the earlier you start the easier the entire move will be. We recommend you start the packing process about eight weeks prior to the moving date. The items you use the absolute least can be packed first. You haven’t been using them so why not start the process with things that won’t totally change your daily life.

Okay, maybe you think eight weeks out is too early to start packing. Another step you can start with is purging your closet for things that can be thrown away. Not everything needs to be packed, and not everything needs to make it from your old house to the new one. Besides, all this will do is create less packing for you.

Get Good Boxes

Too often people take the chance with old boxes lying around the house. Next thing you know moving day comes and the boxes break mid move. Prepare for these setbacks from the start and get yourself some good boxes. Ask your All My Sons Representative about packing products that are available and they will be more than glad to help.

Cleaning During the Process

As you take your steps to pack up your house, dirt, dust and grime will accumulate. Clean as you go. We suggest packing a room and then cleaning it before you begin packing another. This way you won’t have to go back and clean the entire house all at once, when you’re already tired from packing.  

Label Everything

As your Denton moving company, one step we take when we provide professional packing services is labeling everything. From the first item you pack to the last, keep an inventory and label each box. This way if you ever need anything that has been packed it is easy to locate and you never have to ask yourself if something has been packed yet.

Keep a Folder of All Your Documents

Whether it’s receipts, quotes, documents, personal papers, anything of utmost importance that cannot get left behind. Having a folder handy during the moving process will give you a feeling of security knowing your most important documents are safely in one place.

Pack Like Your Preparing for a Vacation

Whenever anyone packs for vacation, it’s never packing just the bare minimum. It’s always “how much stuff can I fit in this suitcase?” Use that mindset when it comes to packing up your house. Be smart about it, but for clothing like shirts and pants, use the rolling method instead of just tossing them into a box. The extra time put in to pack properly will save you space, less boxes to haul and has been known to save time in the long run.  

Pack a “First Night” Bag

Put aside some clothes and the essentials necessary for that first night in its own separate box or bag. This way if there’s not enough time to unpack after moving out and moving in, you have your separate box of essentials prepared for a stress-free first night.

We hope these packing tips help with your big move. If you are looking for more moving tips visit our blog or contact an All My Sons Moving & Storage Expert that specializes in professional packing services that can answer any of your questions by calling 940-341-2709.