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Chicago At A Glance

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Chicago

Chicago has quite a reputation to uphold. Regarded as one of the ten most influential cities in the world, a major transportation hub, and the business, financial, and cultural capital of the Midwest, this windy city needs a score of bustling residents to keep it going. The challenge is met by the 3 million citizens that call Chicago home. 

Chicago offers endless cultural experiences thanks to the colorful variety of people who inhabit the city. Greektown, Little Italy, Chinatown – Chicago is like a trip around the world, with the sights, sounds, and tastes of far-away lands conveniently located for you to enjoy. 

To say Chicago has a big music and theater scene is a clear understatement. Undoubtedly, Chicago defines the very essence of music and theater in ways truly unique to this city of creativity. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is recognized as one of the finest in the world. The orchestra holds performances in the Symphony Center and at various scheduled venues through the year. 

If your tastes carry into more progressive sounds, Chicago has a time-line of well-documented musical movements to explore. In the 1980s, the city was a center for industrial, punk and new wave rock, styles that gave birth to the 1990 genre of “alternative music.” As the birthplace of house music, Chicago harbored rave culture and aided the growth of the hip-hop scene. Now, a flourishing independent rock culture has sent Chicago indie music bands into recording studios and low-lit venues across the city. Bands of all shapes and sounds are featured in annual festivals like Lollapalooza, the Intonation Music Festival, and the Pitchfork Music Festival. 

If hours of unpacking after your move to Chicago leave you hungry, your dining options are limitless. Grab a bite to eat from a street vendor, or relax in a booth at restaurants you can only find here. Just don’t put ketchup on that hot dog! Chicago residents know that only appropriate condiments (neon green pickle relish, yellow mustard, sport peppers and celery salt) may grace the surface of a true Chicago-style hot dog.

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