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Where to Meet People in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, NJ is a friendly city, but if you don’t know anyone, what are you going to do?! Our local Cherry Hill movers share some of their favorite spots where you can meet people in town and have a great time.

Cherry Hill Area Running and Cycling Clubs

Whether you are an experienced runner or cyclist or a novice to the hobby, you can join the fitness group and get to know others with a similar interest. Meet people in Cherry Hill that share the same joy of cycling and running as you. There are plenty of group rides and runs each month, including mountain biking, road cycling, trail running and more!1

Join a Local Gym

If you aren’t into cycling but fitness is still something you’re interested in, join a gym! Stretch it out in a yoga class or dance your way through a Zumba class. The easiest place to meet people in Cherry Hill is at the local gym. The pros of meeting someone at a gym is knowing that you two already share the same hobby. A tip?  Ask one of your new gym friends to join you for a protein shake. Share tips on working out and make it a monthly or even weekly thing to do.

South Jersey Friends and Fun

Do you enjoy happy hour? If the answer is “yes,” then finding friends and fun in South Jersey is just the thing for you. Meetup is made for people who just want to make new friends in Cherry Hill and have fun, and this site also promotes an opportunity to network with others. Enjoy brunch, various social events, or even attend a sporting event. There are plenty of options!2

Churches in Cherry Hill

Whether you are single, married, or have a family looking to connect with others who share the same faith as you, there are several churches in the Cherry Hill area to do so. Finding a small group or attending bible studies provides a safe place for you to network and talk to others. You can find the perfect church where you feel comfortable sharing about your life and faith to others who attend. Connect with others in your neighborhood who share your beliefs at their meetings and events.3

Dating Apps

If you are looking to meet people in Cherry Hill who are single just like you, join a dating app. There are many dating apps that are customizable so you can specify what you are looking for. A dating app can give you the freedom to explore the city while meeting others along the way.

Moving to Cherry Hill

Before you can meet people in Cherry Hill you first have to move here. Our friendly Cherry Hill movers want to be the first friends you meet. Call today to find out more about moving services we offer and receive a free, no-obligation moving quote.


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