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Moving Timeline: A Checklist for your Cherry Hill Move

Ever wish moving can just be simplified down into a checklist? Well, here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Cherry Hill, our movers have done just that! For a simple and easy move, follow our professional moving timeline that breaks down the very beginning to the move to the end.

Eight Weeks Before the Move

Two months out before the move. This is the first place you should start when considering the moving timeline. Within this two-month period, you should start getting organized. Make sure that you have all the paperwork you need for your move. Have a folder labeled with the paperwork for the new house, the paperwork for the old house, and a folder with all the documentation you need to move to Cherry Hill.

Research and sorting also should be done within the two-month moving timeline. Start researching South Jersey moving companies. Have a list of potential movers you are considering and start calling about pricing and information. In this moving timeline section, you also want to start sorting through items you want to bring and don’t. Have organized piles set up in the house of things you want to donate and the thing you want to bring.

Six Weeks Before the Move

Time flies when you are planning a move to Cherry Hill! By now, you should have a month and a half and are referring to this section of the moving timeline checklist. During this time, things start getting really serious. You will need to start collecting the proper packing material for your move. You can do these two ways. The first is by creating a packing checklist, writing down what you need and what goes where. The second is enlisting the help of a packing supplies service such as our Cherry Hill packing supplies. Our professional movers can supply the following:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Padded Quilts
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Speciality Requests

During this six-week period, you also want to start packing! Label each box with correct rooms and if you need help our professional movers will be glad to help with our Cherry Hill packing service. As a full-service moving company, our movers will do the labor-intensive work for you. Saving you the time to focus on other aspects of the move to Cherry Hill.

Four Weeks Before the Move

Wow! Where did the time go? Well, by now hopefully most of your moving boxes are packed and labeled. Paperwork has been signed and utilities will need to be switched over. Don’t forget to set up a forwarding address for bills and other mail when you move. In this section of the moving timeline checklist you also want to have you movers planned and ready to go. This is also your last chance to set up any last-minute travel needs or hotel that needs to get booked if you are moving long-distance.

The Day of the Move

It is here! The day you have planned and the last thing you can finally cross this moving timeline. On this day, you can expect a lot of commotion from our Cherry Hill local movers as we gather all of your moving boxes. Our movers will make sure everything is ready to go and then we deliver your items to the new location.

Our professional movers hope this moving time has helped as a checklist for your move to Cherry Hill and if not, you may call (856) 878-2369 for more information.