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Guide to Understanding Moving Insurance in Cherry Hill

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It is no secret that moving to a new city comes with a plethora of challenges, especially when hiring a moving company to pack and transport all your personal belongings. It can be overwhelming trusting residential movers in Cherry Hill with your personal possessions, whether you are moving to a new state or simply just across the street. That is why our trustworthy Cherry Hill movers are sharing all of our insight on understanding moving insurance so that you can be rest assured knowing that your household items are protected against damage. 

Although it is a rare occurrence, accidents do happen so here is everything you need to know about relocation insurance! 

What are the Different Types of Moving Insurances? 

Our All My Sons Moving & Storage, Trenton movers believe it is important to note that there are three different types of moving insurance packages you can get through a moving company. Understanding moving insurance is simple, it is a preventative measure to help protect you and your personal belongings in situations where they may be lost or damaged during a short- or long-distance move. 

Our Brooklawn movers want to note that when you hire a New Jersey moving company, by law they are not allowed to sell you moving insurance. 

Release Value Protection: Understanding moving insurance that is under released value protection means that you are choosing the most basic coverage of relocation insurance required by federal law. This type of moving insurance is the cheapest and most affordable option when hiring a moving company. 

This particular liability coverage is free and based on the weight of the items, paying roughly about 60 cents per pound of an item. But be mindful that if you paid over $1000 for a TV that weighs about 6 pounds, it will not come close to paying for a full replacement of your item. 

Full Value Protection: Our Willowdale movers explain that this type of moving insurance offers you and your valuables a bit more leverage when it comes to finding the best moving insurance. It is important to note that this moving insurance is more expensive, but offers the best coverage for your belongings. By federal law, moving companies are required to provide full value protection, but it is ultimately up to you whether you plan on spending the extra money on this premium relocation insurance. 

Separate Liability Insurance: Finally this type of moving insurance is only offered by third parties. Governed by state laws it is vital to note that if you choose to go with Separate Liability Insurance it is up to you to understand the amount of moving insurance purchased and the cost of coverage it provides to your personal belongings. 

The Best Cherry Hill Moving Company 

When relocating to New Jersey be sure to find a moving company you can trust that will take the time to ensure that you understand moving insurance and what is the best option for you and your personal belongings. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we offer an array of moving services including packing services in cherry hill. Contact our local movers today to speak with our friendly moving consultant about the different types of moving insurance and how we can help you relocate to your new home or office! 

Our affordable moving company is here to help you and your family with a stress-free moving experience like none other. 

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